SourceBoot - 2013-12-31

I thought this was open source, but where is the code?
Why does the installer from website have tons of adware, but the version here doesn't (at least it doesn't tell about it)? Why DOES it have adware if it's open source?
How is the project owner not a programmer but collects donations? For what and for who?
Why are there two separate forums, both here and on
Links to "streaming video services" which don't work..

To me, everything about Camstudio screams "stay away". If there truly is good intentions behind this, I suggest the owner makes it clear by explaining the status of the project and the reasons for including adware. Otherwise the one star ratings will keep on coming, and for a good reason.

I hope this thread won't be deleted, I'm just telling my honest opinion and hope that Camstudio keeps getting better.