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Using JDBC with Microsoft SQL Server Express and CAM Editor

We now have a tutorial document showing how to configure Microsoft Windows, install SQL Server Express, JDBC and then interface to that from the CAM Editor.

This allows you to then you visual drag and drop to harvest SQL Server tables into a CAM template.

You will find the document in this folder:


Posted by drrwebber 2015-11-24 Labels: SQL JDBC Microsoft SQLserver SQLExpress

New CAM Editor 3.2.2 Release with Forms (Pencil/SAIL) generation support

This release has significant new features to support full life cycle software delivery around a business process. Most notable is the ability to generate fully functioning end user forms and report interfaces directly from the
CAM template structures.

In a nutshell you need the four key components:

1) Data stores and exchange design
2) Models including Dictionaries and Documentation,
3) Middleware Service Bindings, and
4) User Forms and Reports... read more

Posted by drrwebber 2015-10-28 Labels: XML JSON SQL Forms Pencil SAIL Appian Oracle SQL server

New CAM Editor 3.2 now available

The focus for this release is enhancements and bug fixes to the XSD schema importing. Also some enhancement made to the reference term handling for the Template Evaluation report, including attribute naming convention checking and French language naming practices. The release is the first in the Elbert series.

In summary the new CAM Editor V3.2 provides the following improved functionality:

o Enhanced XSD schema importing to ignore importing of parent schema
o Template Evaluation report has improved reference terms and support for French conventions... read more

Posted by drrwebber 2014-06-27 Labels: XML Editor XSD Schema NIEM JSON Validation HL7 SQL

New CAM Editor v3.1 now available.

The focus for this release is enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements for both the CAM editor and CAMV validation engine.

CAM Editor V3.1 provides the following improved functionality:

o Enhanced XSD schema importing especially for HL7, GML, OAGi and NIEM complexities
o New UTF-8 handling to improve international support in elements and annotations
o Editor entry of annotations improved and enhanced
o Better XML example generating details (choice items, negative numbers and repeat limits)
o Improved xsd:annotations handling during import processing (faster + suppress duplicates)
o Improved bi-directional data processing using Open-XDX for open data query and update
o Feature and bug fixes for the CAMV rules engine
o CAMV now allows mixed content for validation... read more

Posted by drrwebber 2014-01-22 Labels: XML Editor XSD Schema NIEM Validation HL7 SQL

New CAM Editor v2.3 available with SQL DB mapping and Open Data support

The new CAM Editor V2.3 is now available with all new features for mapping SQL data stores to XML information exchanges. Includes support for building Open Data API web services with both Query/Response and Publish/Subscribe interaction models.

Head on over to our project resource site to learn more, download the latest CAM Editor and see links to all the resources and materials:


Posted by drrwebber 2012-10-07

CAM v2.1 released with new CAMV 2.0

The new CAM toolset now allows developers to create comprehensive test suite packages, including business rules and SQL table lookups. This enables partners to verify their XML exchanges in unprecedented details. It also establishes test suites for regression testing purposes.

There is online guide to using all the new features available from the main project site page - http://www.cameditor.org

Enjoy - The CAM project team.

Posted by drrwebber 2011-09-30

CAM v2.0 released

The all new CAM v2.0 is now available with sponsorship from Oracle and enhanced support for NIEM approach to XML exchange development.

Posted by drrwebber 2011-07-08

CAMeditor V1.7 and CAMV 1.0 released

This release completes the series of 2009 releases and consolidates 3 months of development work on both CAMV validator engine and the CAMeditor tools.

The project vision is to provide the leading open source toolset for implementing standards based information exchanges with XML. Simplifying and speeding the development process and enhancing the quality of your resulting schema for superior XML exchanges. To date we have had over 15,500 downloads from Sourceforge.net (http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/camprocessor).... read more

Posted by drrwebber 2009-12-11

CAMV moves closer to being production quality

With the release of CAMV 1.0.0-rc4 the CAM processor moved a significant step closer to being fully production. The major headlines for this release is that the code is now Thread Safe allowing a CAM Template to be shared among several running threads thus saving significant disk IO.

CAMV is the replacement for the original Cam processor called JCAM which will be withdrawn completely when CAMV moves to production in the next few weeks. CAMV boast up to 10 times faster validation compared to JCAM and with the new Thread Safety this has the ability to be used in production environments such as Application Servers.

Posted by Martin Roberts 2009-11-11

New jCAM v1.6.8 XML Editor and Validator released

The September release of jCAM is now available with 24 resolved bugs and enhancements. This includes improved NIEM wantlist generation and dictionary compare features. Also now using Saxon xslt processor. Improvements and clarifications to UI for improved user experience.

Posted by drrwebber 2009-09-08

New jCAM v1.6.7 XML Editor and Validator released

The July release of jCAM XML editor is now available including a range of bug fixes and enhances. Now has support for extended patterns with UK postcodes. NIEM SSGT upload of wantlist now working.

Implements the OASIS CAM standard specification for content assembly. See also DEVX articles by Michael Sorens for review and tutorials.

Posted by drrwebber 2009-07-02

New jCAM v1.6.6 XML Editor and Validator released

This release includes renamer tool for aligning XSD schema names to NIEM or CamelCase naming and design (NDR) rules. Also includes support for ingesting IRwin data model and building dictionary from that.

Plus two weeks worth of fixes and enhancements to the XSLT and Java. Template View Source display now supports syntax color tagging.

Posted by drrwebber 2009-06-14

New jCAM 1.6.5 XML release with significant enhancements

The jCAM 1.6.5 release includes two months worth of refinements including 38 tracker items corrected.

With a new enhanced Schema Evaluator tool with Naming and Design Rule (NDR) support, enhanced support for NIEM.gov approach this provides ability to analyze schema and detect significant issues that other tools miss.

Both XSD schema ingesting and Export to XSD schema are significantly improved. XSD schema ingesting has also had performance enhancements.... read more

Posted by drrwebber 2009-05-30

New jCAM 1.6.4 with CCTS core component dictionary tools

The latest release of jCAM editor now supports UN/CEFACT CCTS in the dictionary generation tools.

From any XSD schema you have ingested into jCAM, or XML template you have built in the editor - you can use the Tools menu options to automatically build the CCTS dictionary of those core components.

Then simply open the generated dictionary XML in Excel as a spreadsheet workbook to review those core component details.... read more

Posted by drrwebber 2009-03-30

New release 1.6.4

A new release has been made today 29-03-09. it includes a number of enhancements to the xslt processing side of the tool.

Posted by Martin Roberts 2009-03-29

DEVX: Taking XML Validation to the Next Level: Rules

"Discovering that you can dynamically modify what constitutes a valid structure is dazzling."

Michael Sorens concludes his series with an in depth look at rules, XML, XSD and CAM templates.

His clear examples unlock what is an otherwise closed topic in XSD schema - but essential to true interoperability in your information exchanges.

Aptly named:
Taking XML Validation to the Next Level


Enjoy, DW

Posted by drrwebber 2009-03-24

DEVX: Taking XML Validation to the Next Level: XSD v CAM

Part 2 of the article by Michael Sorens is now available:


Posted by drrwebber 2009-03-15

DEVX Article: Taking XML Validation to the Next Level

Columnist Michael Sorens takes an in depth look at CAM:


Posted by drrwebber 2009-03-07

New Release

A new release has been made today, 23rd Jan 2009, this only has one bug fix in above those done for The release now comes in in both zipped files and windows installer versions with a version of each available with or without the Java Runtime Environment. The version of Java require is 1.6.0_11.

Posted by Martin Roberts 2009-01-23

New Release

Due to an unfortunate bug found in the previous release a new version of the editor has had to be released.

Posted by Martin Roberts 2009-01-18

JCAM Engine: New Editor Release - version

JCAM Engine with XML Editor / Validator: XML Processor & Template Editor. Java implement of OASIS CAM Standard of XML validation & assembly + visual Eclipse editor. Includes XSLT tools for ingesting XSD Schema, creating HTML docs, XSD subset, XML test case examples + dictionary(uses Saxon XSLT)

A new version of the editor has been released, which now includes the correct Java Run-time Environment, to allow it to work. this does increase download time, but significantly reduces installation problems. This release also includes a Window OS installer.

Posted by Martin Roberts 2009-01-15

Tutorial with 1.6.x release features now available

CAM tutorial with updated content including new Dictionary features in 1.6.x release now available:


The dictionary features allow automated extraction of core components from schema exchange templates. Individual exchange schemas can then be compared to the master domain dictionary and core components usage.

Posted by drrwebber 2009-01-12

New release 1.6.1 Windows installer now available

New release with Windows desktop installer, or Java open platform build is now available.

This release implements significant new dictionary tools and many bug fixes and enhancements.

Highlights include:

1) Development has been moved to the Eclipse 3.4.1 Ganymede platform.
2) Java JRE support is now 1.6 release 11.
3) Two new tools have been added to the tools menu. These allow the current template to be used to create a dictionary of information about the nodes used in the template. This can also be used to merge information from many templates into one dictionary. The second tool is Compare to Dictionary that creates an XML file that contains information of usage of the current template against a dictionary.... read more

Posted by drrwebber 2009-01-05

New Release 1.6 available

A new release of the CAM editor has been released. It includes a significant number of important bug fixes that move not only the editor towards a final release, but also move the new CAMV processor towards a production quality release.

Details can be found on the CAMed! blog

Posted by Martin Roberts 2009-01-04

New release of jCAM editor 1.5.8 available

The latest release includes bug fixes and enhancements including better alignment with schema fixed value assigning for elements and attributes and fix for validation issue with sub-element structure items.

The interoperability reporting validator tool also now includes notification of fixed value usage.

The project received over 1,000 downloads in past 30 days. We continue to improve the features and support for ingesting, processing and refining XSD schema transaction exchanges. Generation of XML example test cases with realistic content hinting along with interoperability documentation.

Posted by drrwebber 2008-12-15

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