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Updating for Mustang

Hi all- in my free time from work, I'm attempting to update this program for the impending Java 1.6 (Mustang) update, as well as fix some design flaws that came about due to the time crunch I experienced before my MA deadline.

Posted by Benjamin Flynn 2006-12-10

Source has been uploaded.

Hey all- the project source code as it was submitted for my MA has been uploaded; this marks the starting point for the open source version of the product (which I hope will rapidly eclipse my initial design). The source is saved in the 'Head' branch of the cvs repository as three modules: server, client, and launcher. All products were created with Netbeans 5.0, so if you use netbeans' integrated cvs module, both the client and server will automatically import, compile, and run. The launcher requires that the client jars and lib files are referenced before it runs properly (also, the splash image imported as text instead of binary, so it looks like a black rectangle- will fix soon). Feel free to try out the code, and email me if you want to participate!

Posted by Benjamin Flynn 2006-07-11

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