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Current Goals and Release Schedule

Current goal is that by January, if no horrible thing happens, Camera/Shy will be upgraded in strength (to military grade) and in usage (to seamless browser plug-in).

The drawbacks are that there will be less content, and there will be more files. Also, minor registry access will be required. This privilege is slightly greater than what Camera/Shy currently asks for, though. This is actually probably the worst drawback, though it will increase compatibility.... read more

Posted by thePull 2002-11-06

Spanish Translation Up! Thanks Infohackers.Org!

Went out of their way to not only translate but also to put the code in there themselves. Thanks!

Posted by thePull 2002-09-04

Demo Sites URLS

Posted by thePull 2002-09-02

First Translation Up, German, Thanks Sven Krmer!

Apologies to translators for such a chore, the
FAQ is huge.

But, thanks to Sven Krmer for going above
and beyond all of this and being the first
translator to finish!

Posted by thePull 2002-09-01

Next Features Planned

The primary one is to give it the ability to appear to look exactly like IE so that "at a glance" it might not be noticed in a cyber cafe.

Secondly, SF is looking into porting f5 code, and I have been shopping around still for other steg code to use.

Lastly, bringing down the exe size is a major goal. The more portable the better.

This does not include translations. Translations will go up as soon as I get them.... read more

Posted by thePull 2002-08-21

Translators Badly Needed

None of the translators whom have signed up have responded yet.

Posted by thePull 2002-08-21

New Version Up!

-> access error on older IE
-> command line arg now allowed for url
-> gif steg window checkmark better named

Posted by thePull 2002-08-09

Demo Site

For people unfamiliar with the demo sites:

Anyone else with em, please comment.

Posted by thePull 2002-08-08

Volunteers Needed for Steg Chinese Bible Project

Posted by thePull 2002-08-07

Please Use Support Forum for Bugs/Next Update Coming Soon

There are a number of known bugs, the biggest is using it with less than IE 6... which is something I will ask user's to upgrade, though. Anything less than the very latest IE 6 has some very serious security holes.

The next update will be coming soon, should be this week.

Posted by thePull 2002-08-04

Submitting Bug Reports and Feature Requests Guidelines

The following guidelines are set for this project (for users whom know some development or qa):

-> Name the bug or feature in a manner which is consistent and memorable for the content of the bug or feature request
-> Prioritize bugs correctly. Otherwise, you are crying wolf. Priority of bugs and feature requests are essential to the organization of the project and project timelines.
-> Code must be readable. Something which may take up more space than something else in Delphi does not mean it compiles any differently. The shorter code in Delphi may mean it is less readable, though, and this is cardinal against the project guidelines.
-> Use comments. I only wish I had more in there. There should be comments for every other line of code, though sometimes too many comments can make the code unreadable.
-> only use variable names which are common sense. Some things in the code still use the original name of the component, make the code a bit less common sense to read. For instance, Edit1 should be PasswordEdit. i can be used for a for i:=, and at times "f" can be used for files, or "s" for strings.
-> There are many old wives tales about what is better compiled code or not. If you don't know assembly and can not produce a recommendation from Borland, don't submit code optimizations which make the code less readable or make no difference to performance.
-> All potential errors should be trapped correctly. Everything does not need a try -> catch block, but errors put out to end users should be readable and pertinant for debugging. Otherwise, error conditions which are not caught and may reduce the security or reliability of the code is dangerous.
-> size is of utmost importance, this is why some of the earliest, highest ranking bugs are about size - size compiled, not size uncompiled. Primarily new includes and windows cause larger size.
-> Nothing should be written to disk, except the history registry lock and unlock.
-> the interface must be user friendly. This also means I will not have a wizard, for instance, for gif creation... because gif creation requires higher skilled people and using a wizard every time is laborious.
-> Look through the bug reports and feature requests to get a grasp of current project guidelines and goals

Posted by thePull 2002-07-24

Translators Wanted

Please post to the forum or contact me through email:

Posted by thePull 2002-07-22

Help File for Using Camera/Shy In Application

Hit View/Help-FAQ. That is the manual.

Read it if creating Gif's.

Will be changing this so user's can not miss it.

Posted by thePull 2002-07-21

Bugs, Feature Requests, Tech Support

Bug Reports go in Bugs, feature requests in feature requests. Tech support may be had on the Usenet at

Posted by thePull 2002-07-21

Help File for COMPILING Camera/Shy in Help Forum

StoneFisk has written help files on Camera/Shy compiling in the help forums.

Posted by thePull 2002-07-21 Up

ISP removed from problem. Hacktivismo is up.

Posted by thePull 2002-07-21

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