Additional components required to compile CS

  • sf

    sf - 2002-07-17

    Stonefisk's 1st Compile of CameraShy source release0.2.22.1

    (delphi 6 Enterprise Edition)

    Pre-battle manouver plans.
    (or list of additional components required to compile CS)

    Class TTntListBox
    Class TTntMemo

    Before install of TEmbeddedWB, TIETravelLog & TIECache
    READ this >

    Follow instructions to install TWebBrowser, which in turn will install
    And allow the rest of following components on that site to be installed.
    Class TEmbeddedWB
    Class TIETravelLog
    (NEEDS TEmbeddedWB component installed first else you'll encounter...File
    not found: 'SHDocVw_TLB.dcu' )
    Class TIECache

    Class TDCP_rijndael

    (Requires uninstall of INDY components from Delphi 6 installation then
    upgrade to latest INDY version)
    Class TldEncoderMIME
    Class TldDecoderMIME

    PaletteLibrary.pas & ColorQuantizationLibrary.pas

    Class TwideEdit
    TwideEdit is part of VirtualExplorerTree.
    Tried all day to download VirtualExplorerTree from the site but failed.
    I removed VirtualExplorerTree from the 'uses' clause, and instead used the
    wide string edit that comes with TNT.
    TNT's wide edit box is has the name 'TntEdit'.
    (ThePull informs that it *is* the same component with different name.)
    I replaced all occurrence in the project directory of the word 'WideEdit'
    with 'TntEdit'.

    That's all the missing components I encountered.
    CS compiled sweet from there on in.

    Good job, that ThePull geezer.


    • thePull

      thePull - 2002-07-21

      Dave Barton upgraded DCP after a year, the day after CS was released. If anyone has tried the new version with CS, let me know if any differences.

      Be sure and note that I made a single but important change to iecache, as noted in the main unit pascal file.

    • sf

      sf - 2002-07-25

      > From: low halo <>
      > Message-Id: <E17WpEI-000833-00@usw-sf-
      >> Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002
      > 19:16:50 -0700 Return-Path:
      > I've been fiddling on and off with CS for a few
      > days now because I was too stubborn to ask for
      > help.  I really don't like hand-holding, but I've
      > gotten to the point that I'm just wasting time and
      > getting nowhere...
      > I'm a Delphi newbie, and I can't get TTntListBox
      > and TTntMemo installed correctly.  That's funny,
      > because the other components installed OK...
      > Could you give a detailed list on how to get those
      > two components installed?
      >    Much appreciated, - low halo


      low halo,
      Hope the following is of some help to you.
      If it solves your problem please forward to
      camerashy help forum at sourceforge for others
      to reference.

      ***Installation procedure of TNT components
      (delphi ver 6 enterprise)***

      CameraShy uses unicode components called
      TntListbox and TntMemo (also TntEdit replacement
      for wideedit). These components are part of the
      the TNT unicode controls package. This package is
      required to compile current version of camerashy
      (v0.2.2.22 beta).

      1)Download TNT UNICODE Controls from

      2)Extract to a suitable
      location of your choice. e.g E:\DEV\Delphi UNICODEControls\TntUnicodeControls\

      3)Read the readme.txt file the TNT author
      provides. Make mental note there's no install help
      in there.

      4)Within Delphi GUI Click menu item FILE > OPEN.
      In the open file dialog window browse to the
      TntUnicodeControls folder. Select the file (design
      package) named "TntUnicodeVcl_D60.dpk" (this is
      for delphi ver 6). Click 'OPEN' button. The
      package window will open.

      5) Within the package window click 'COMPILE'
      followed by 'INSTALL'. You should now be presented
      with a window informing you that that the package
      was installed and what components where
      registered. Click 'OK' to close. The package
      window can be then also closed. Save changes. A
      TNT tab should now be located on Delphi's GUI
      component toolbar, containing the new TNT

      ***Now to add the source location to the library path....***

      6) Within Delphi GUI click menu item TOOLS >
      ENVIRONMENT OPTIONS. The environment options
      dialog window will open.

      7) Within the environment options dialog click the
      'Library' tab.

      8) Click the '...' button at end of 'Library
      path:' line. DIRECTORIES dialog window will open.

      9) Ignore everything in the directories window
      except the '...' button. Click the '...' button.
      'Browse for Folder' dialog window opens.

      10) In the 'Browse for Folder' window.. browse to
      the TntUnicodeControls folder (where tnt was
      extracted to). Click OK.

      11) Back in the 'directories' window click the
      'ADD' button to add the new path into the list.
      Click 'OK' button to exit dialog.

      12) CLick 'OK' to exit ENVIRONMENT OPTIONS dialog

      13) <---Unlucky for some. Camerashy should now
      compile without encountering errors due to missing
      TNT components.



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