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v2.7.0 released !

A new Camellia release to start 2008. This is the first release to include keypoints detection algorithm (SIFT-like). It has also a better overall reliability than previous versions.
We are now starting major structural changes on the SVN version, on the way to v3.0...

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2008-01-07

v2.6.0 released !

At last, a new release of Camellia.
3 major points in this release :
* The support for autoconf/automake/libtools, which eases cross-compilation, adds support for Cygwin and solves compilation options trouble on Ubuntu 6.10
* The support for Video Capture, on Windows with DirectShow and Visual C++ Express, but also on Linux with Video4Linux
* Several major bug fixes, especially in 16-bits image support.

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2007-03-29

v2.5.10 released !

Bug fixes update
+ support for Visual C++ Express (new binary compiled with VC++ Express instead of VC++6)
+ bitmap fonts support

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2006-08-02

v2.5.0 released !

This is a major release.
The most important new features of this version are :
- C++ object-oriented support
- Ruby scripting language support, including garbage collection, exception support, compatibility with FXRuby GUI (Fox for Ruby)
- Alpha channels support
- Masking support

The binaries include Win32 (msvc6) and Linux (GCC4.0) versions, plus the Ruby Gems.

Here is the change log since v2.49 :
- Implemented coherent ROI policy
- Added better error management
- Added 8->16 bits image operations
- Added camScale function
- Moved to Subversion (instead of CVS)
- Added SVN Revision Id to version number
- Added camCheckArgs2 function
- Implemented masking in linear filter functions, morpho maths kernel, camCopy and arithmetic functions
- camLinearFilter and morpho maths kernel functions now return accumulated sum of pixels
- Added camSetRLEMask function
- Automatic image allocation in most functions
- First version of C++ wrapping
- Implemented better error management
- camLoadPGM can now load 16 bits deep images
- First version of Ruby wrapping (ROI support)
- Added camClone function
- Added camRLEClone and camRLEReallocate functions
- CamTable -> camApplyLUT. Introduced CamTable structure
- Added camAccumulateLine function
- Removed any IPL related reference
- Big bug correction in camRLEEncode functions
- camHVSumming disappears, replaced by camSumHV, camSumH and camSumV
- New camFindThreshold function
- Slight modifications in camMeasures functions
- Added camCircleHough function *
- set_rle_mask => set_mask
- Modified camROIIntersect function so that it doesn't return a CamROI (pb. incompatibility C/C++)
- Added management of CamImage masks (not just CamRLEImage as before)
- Added implementation of separable linear filters
- Added camRefCopy function
- Added camFixedFilter function and an implementation of 3x3 to 7x7 gaussian filtering
- All CamName functions were turned to camName
- camSet functions now supports masking
- Added CamImage::inspect function (for Ruby wrapping)
- C++ constructor can alloc color images
- Added camAllocRGBAImage (with alpha channel)
- Added size member to CamTable
- Modified camRLEEncodeColor so that it uses CamTable class
- Wrapped camRLEEncodeColor to C++/Ruby
- Enhanced CamTable Ruby wrapping (Enumerable)
- Added CamTable::set function
- Added CamImage::set_pixels function
- camCopy now supports Grey to Color conversion, adding and removing alpha channels
- camSaveBMP can save images with alpha channels
- Added camRGBA and CAM_RGBA macro
- Version numbering -> 2.5.0
- Added CAM_ARITHM_MUL parameter to CamDyadicArithm (dyadic multiplication)
- Added camAlphaComposite function (support for alpha channels)
- Drawing is now possible on alpha channels

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2006-04-30

v2.50pre2 released !

v2.50pre2 : 4th of April 2006
- set_rle_mask => set_mask
- Modified CamROIIntersect function so that it doesn't return a CamROI (pb. incompatibility C/C++)
- Added management of CamImage masks (not just CamRLEImage as before)
- Added implementation of separable linear filters
- Added CamRefCopy function
- Added CamFixedFilter function and an implementation of 3x3 to 7x7 gaussian filtering

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2006-04-11

v2.50pre1 released!

A pre-release with many new features.
We've added a nice C++ wrapping, which enables to use the library in an object-oriented way (and greatly simplifies the use through automatic allocation and deallocation of images).
We have also added a full support for Ruby, a great scripting language, including support for exceptions, garbage collection, etc.
The new features include :
- a new coherent ROI management policy (source and dest ROI intersection, better channel management)
- automatic allocation of dest images, which eases the use of the lib, especially in C++ and Ruby.
- 10 to 16 bits deep image support
- masking support
- better error management
- many new functions, including CamHoughCircle... read more

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2006-03-31

CamelliaLib moves to Subversion !

The CVS repository is closed, replaced by a brand new SVN repository. This gives the opportunity to reorganize the files into subdirectories (inc, lib, src, etc.). v2.50 will be the first release of the lib with this new setup.

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2006-03-08

v2.49 released!

Icy 2006 version.
Minor update. Project/Backproject functions are back, compatible with MATLAB Toolbox. A linux binary version is also provided.

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2006-02-09

v2.48 released!

Early 2006 version.
Still not 2.5. Yet a lot of issues solved on this version.

- Added a field to CamRLEImage to identify the structure
- The mask field in CamImage was turned to void*
- Added configuration loading and query functions (cam_utils.c)
- Corrected bug in Circle7 erosion/dilation algorithm
- CamDownScaling2x2 -> CamDownscaling2x2
- CamDownscaling2x2 now supports several channels
- Align 16bits deep images lines to 16 bytes boundaries (for cam_watershed operation)
- Enhanced Watershed algorithm (now computes region surfaces)
- Added CamFillColor function
- Solved Linux compilation problems
- CamRLEEncode now works on 16-bits images (especially watershed results)
- Added CamHierarchicalWatershedContours function
- Turned BGR images to RGB
- CamMeasures now locates the position of min & max
- Added CamRLEEncodeColor function
- Removed projection related functions (except undistort)
- Added CamVersion function (to check function)
- typedef struct _CamX { => typedef struct {

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2006-01-24

v2.47 released!

The very last 2005 release, before v2.5.
v2.5 should include :
- Stereovision algorithms
- Alpha channel management
- 16-bits image support for all functions
- Intel C++ compiled binaries

Changes in v2.47 :
- Saturation optimization in CamLinearFilter function
- Added Projection and Retroprojection functions (cam_3d.c)
- Introduced CamImage structure (in replacement of IplImage)
- Tests __INTEL_COMPILER directive for optimizations
- Removed cam_config.h
- Removed benchmarking functions (trouble with winmm.lib)
- Added CamSobel3x3 and CamSobel3x3Abs functions
- Performance optimized linear filtering and erosion/dilation (use of memcpy)
- Added CamUndistort function
- Added CamRGB2Y function
- Corrected rounding bug in CamWarping
- Small modifications in CamImage structure
- Added CamUndistortFixed (Fixed point implementation)
- Added CamUndistortLUT
- Implemented CAM_BORDER_REPLICATE border mode (set as default)
- Checked compilation with Cygwin

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2005-12-30

v2.43 released !

- Bug correction in CamSAD8x8 (F. Guyot)
- Added CamThresholdInv, CamRLEEncodeThreshold and CamRLEEncodeThresholdInv functions
- Enhanced CamSet function so that it can work with color (RGB, YUV) values
- Labelling -> labeling (syntax error)
- Optimized CamLinearFiltering function (speedup with partially empty kernels)
- Added CamLinearFilterAbs functions
- CamLinearFiltering -> CamLinearFilter
- CamMedianFiltering -> CamMedianFilter

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2005-11-27

v2.40 released !

- Added erosion on RLE images (CamRLEErodeXXX functions)
- Corrected small bug in CamRLEDecode
- Added CamSAD8x8 and CamSAD16x16 functions (MMX optimized)
- Added CamROIIntersect function
- CamRLEBlobRectIntersect disappears. Replaced by CamRLEBlobROIIntersect
- CamRect disappears. IplROI is enough.
- Added CamPlot function
- CamAllocateRGBImage allocates "BGR" oriented images
- Added CamVSumming and CamHSumming functions
- Added CamAbs wrapper
- Corrected bug in CamAllocateRGBImage
- Corrected a bug in 3DRS algorithm (F. Guyot)
- Added color conversion functions
- Dispatched cam_utils.c to cam_utils.c, cam_io.c and cam_draw.c
- CamAllocateYUVImage now allocates planar images
- CamLoadBMP reads color images

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2005-07-18

v2.26 released !

- Added CamDownscaling2x2 function
- File name changed : cam_generate.c -> cam_LUT.c
- CamSaveBMP can save color images
- Corrected bug in CamClipROI function
- Added CamClip function
- Added CamDrawLine, CamDrawRectangle, CamDrawText16s, CamDrawCircle and CamDrawEllipse functions

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2005-06-10

v2.24 released !

Only bug fixes this time... But some new features are coming soon : 3D projection, retro-projection, line drawing, etc.

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2005-01-24

v2.2 released !

Source code and Windows binary version are available now!

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2003-10-14

Source code on CVS !

The source code of CamelliaLib is available on the sourceforge CVS server.
Module name is CamelliaLib.

Posted by Bruno STEUX 2003-10-14