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Please describe what went wrong here in as much detail as possible.


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    I am not sure if that's what this bug is about, but I'll
    give it a shot.

    When trying to insert a line after a commented line in
    capitals, camelia goes crazy with the processor (97% use)
    and does not give up calculating whatever. Note that I did
    not press any of the type-check, run or debug buttons. As a
    matter of fact, it even happens when just firing up camelia,
    and trying to add a line after that comment.

    I changed it to lower-case letters in the comment, and
    nothing changed. I tried inserting the line break after the
    comment (on the same line) and the next line, and it freezes

    And yes, my code is valid and runs through the type checker
    without problems.

    What follows the comment is the following function (homework)
    let getLevel node tree =
    let rec findLevel subtree level =
    match subtree with
    | EmptyTree -> failwith "Not in tree"
    | Node(l,v,r) when (v = node) -> level
    | Node(l,v,r) when (v < node) -> findLevel r (level+1)
    | Node(l,v,r) when (v > node) -> findLevel l (level+1)
    | _ -> failwith "Structure is not a binary tree"
    in findLevel tree 0;;

    getLevel 29 myTree;;

    Hope that helps
    Take care

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Ok here is the solution (same Author)

    By commenting out the rest of the file, I can insert line
    breaks and then uncomment again.

    Would be nice to have this fixed though, so excessive
    commenting action doesn't work as a handicap when working
    with this otherwise excellent IDE



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