CamelBones 1.0.3 Released

What is CamelBones?

CamelBones is a Cocoa / Perl bridge for Mac OS X. Like most bridges, CamelBones is bidirectional - It makes Perl accessible from Objective-C, as well as making Cocoa accessible from Perl. You can write a native Cocoa database front-end using DBI for your corporate clients, embed Perl as an application scripting language for your bespoke tool chain, or build complete self-contained web-based apps using the included set of Catalyst modules.

CamelBones on the web:


New in 1.0.3:

Added GLKit.par, which bundles the OpenGL CPAN module.

Added an OpenGL example, which demonstrates using to load GLKit.par, adding a custom subclass of NSOpenGLView in Interface Builder, and implementing OpenGL calls in that subclass' drawRect: method to draw a simple square.

Updated all included CPAN modules to the latest version.

Fixed a makefile bug that incorrectly set permissions on the PAR module directories.

Posted by Sherm Pendley 2007-04-27

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