The latest version in SVN is working properly on Intel, both Tiger & Leopard. There are still a few issues to work out on PPC. Is there anyone brave enough to have gone Intel-only yet? Anyway, with a release imminent, I'm thinking it's time to start talking about where to go next.

My niche is database apps. Since Apple introduced Cocoa Bindings, I've thought it would be pretty nifty to bind GUI controls to DBI queries somehow.

Now, I think I see a way we might do it, with the classes already present in DBIKit. I'm wondering, how many folks use higher-level OO interfaces to DBI, like DBIx::Class::Schema? That's basically the approach I'm thinking about - adding (maybe automatically?) KVC methods to DBIx::Class subclasses, and exporting them as Cocoa classes.

Will probably need a new NSController subclass, that manages a DBIx::Class::ResultSet instance and provides a Cocoa interface for it. The controller would provide KVC methods for access to the result set, and action methods for various result set methods like search, add_or_update, and so on.

Many (if not all) of the schema classes could be re-used in (or taken from) applications that use other MVC frameworks, such as Catalyst. That is, I think, can be a key point when deciding whether to use CamelBones - do you intend to use Perl elsewhere as well?