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On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 4:58 PM, Sherm Pendley <> wrote:
SVN is passing all of the self-tests in the Debug build configuration now. I've added a new function for choosing the appropriate objc_msgSend variant for the current arch & message, many new tests in NSNumber.t, for testing bool, char, short, and long as both argument & return types. Fixed bug that was causing BundleLoader.t to fail.

ShuX still falls over dead soon after launching on PPC Leopard, refuses to launch at all on PPC Panther, and runs successfully on Intel Tiger.

Given the passage of all the self-tests, we're left with a bug we're not testing for, or a bug in ShuX. If it's a bug in the framework, I suspect that it might be a PPC-specific bug showing different symptoms on Panther & Leopard.

Can anyone comment on whether the latest SVN builds & passes self-tests in Debug config, for Intel Leopard? PPC, either Tiger or Leopard? (The project file is in 2.4 format, but is configured for the 10.5 SDK and support for Perl 5.8.8 - you'll need to tweak the project settings to build on Tiger, and the resulting framework will not run on Leopard.)