On Sun, Mar 16, 2008 at 2:43 PM, Matt Sergeant <matt@sergeant.org> wrote:
I'm on the verge now. I'm ready to switch wholesale to Ruby Cocoa
instead of CamelBones. I don't WANT to, and that's a lot for me to
learn, but if I have to then I'll just have to.

I spent this morning playing with Rachel's 1.1 beta release, but it's
just missing so much (perl modules in the Framework such as PAR and
the others currently included, and DBIKit for all the supported
platforms) that I can't run with it, and I don't have all the
platforms necessary to be able to build all those things.

What are my options now? Should I just give up and move on, or is
there really anything to hope for on the horizon?

At this point, I've tried all of the obvious solutions to the dyld error we've discussed here on this list. I'm left with waiting for my muse to inspire me with a new idea, or for someone with better dyld-fu than I to step forward with an answer. There's no real way to accurately predict when one of those two things will happen, and I'm reluctant to even hazard a guess.

With the primary show-stopping bug only affecting Panther, I'm beginning to wonder whether continued Panther support is really worth the effort and/or further delay. I certainly don't use it, and I don't personally know anyone who does. I don't *want* to drop Panther support - Omni (<http://update.omnigroup.com/>) is showing "other" at 0.4%, but with millions of Mac users out there, even that small percentage adds up to a *lot* of users. But, even *more* people are using Leopard than Panther at this point, so dropping Panther (perhaps temporarily) may be the lesser of two evils.