When we get this dyld bug on Panther figured out, I intend to write a "Project Template Maker" app. A template has a plist of files, indicating which are to be copied as-is, and which should have a certain string token replaced with the project name. Files can also be renamed in the same way. So, to make a template from a project, all one needs to do is reverse the process - set up a project with the settings, files, targets, etc. you want, then replace the project name with the replacement token and create the .plist.

I created the old templates by just duping a project dir, and doing the replacement by hand with BBEdit. That was with Project Builder 1.0 projects, and I've been updating the same old projects, and doing a "convert to native" at one point, ever since. I'd instantiate the project, make whatever updates were needed, then use BBEdit's "compare folders" function to patch the changes back into the template. After all that, there's bound to be some bit-rot in them at this point.

I might just go ahead and do that sooner rather than later. We need templates for the next release anyway, and sometimes it helps to put difficult problems on the back burner - it's like the subconscious is still working on it or something, I dunno. Anyway, it won't take a whole lot to write an app to replace some text and create a .plist.