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So I'm reading the Perl 5.10 release notes, and it says "The Perl installation is now relocatable."

Progress is being made on that front.

I started by creating /experimental/static-libperl on SVN, and cloning /CamelBones into that. Never work without a net! :-)

More progress to report.


The dynamic libperl.dylib is a success. Its install path is defined as @executable_path/../lib/(etc), so the Perl 5.10 package can be relocated as a whole. The Perl installation was actually broken by default - the install path was defined as .../../lib(etc.), which didn't resolve correctly even in its original location. I'll have to write to p5p about that.

So now the "Perl Module" target is passing its tests, or more accurately, it's failing the same ones the main branch is failing. :-)

Another thing this relocation makes possible is a "plain Perl" approach. If all you needed was the standard Perl embedding API by itself, you could copy this libperl.dylib into your app alone, without the rest of CamelBones.framework.

I'm off to see what's up with those test failures next. They were probably induced by the switch from ffcall to ffi, and since the tests are organized by argument type that narrows it down pretty well.