Sherm Pendley wrote:
On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 8:36 PM, Matt Sergeant <> wrote:
Another idea I had

IMHO we've already put *far* more effort into this than is warranted for old code that's I hope to make obsolete soon anyway. So, to keep things moving forward I'm making an Executive Decision. :-)

Let's keep the code that's currently committed, with one minor change - where it currently caches all methods that get caught by the autoload, it will instead check $isSuperMethod, and only cache methods that were *not* called with SUPER::foo(). Given typical usage patterns, that means your cache code will be able to improve performance for the huge majority of method calls - probably 95% or better. That's a huge win.
OK I'm cool with that. Sorry this just got under my skin :-D

BTW: I just added Sparkle support to my app ("Check for updates...") and it's very cool :)