Sherm Pendley wrote:
> The problem with performance was simply the use of animation on the sheet.
> The progress indicator specifically.
> If it is animated it slows things down significantly.

That's *very* odd.

Not all that odd... Remember I am[*] pulling 1 file off an iterator at a time using performSelector_withObject_afterDelay, so it goes like this:

 - process file
 - re-enter event loop
 - re-draw animated progress bar (slowish)
 - re-enter event loop
 - go to next file

However I've modified it now - instead I use the following:

 - process file
 - if time now < (start time + TICK time) then process another file immediately
 - else re-enter event loop

That way I can set the TICK time to something good enough to fool the eye (15fps seems a sweet spot, so 1/15 works) and it still re-draws, yet pulls in files as fast as it can go in the meantime.

Seems to work well.

Now if I could just stop it leaking vast swathes of memory :)