#2 Tutorials


Your menu's tutorial make too big a leap when it comes time to
connect the menu items to the 'first responder'.

Too many steps are skipped, not clear how to get menue to connect
and what needs to be created to do it. A simple list of the steps
would help.

I got lost here:

Making the connection

Connecting to First Responder.
click to enlarge
First you'll need to create the actions to which you'll connect your
menu items. This is nearly identical to the actions you created in the
earlier "Responding to Events" tutorial, so I'll leave out most of the
detail. The major difference is, where you added those actions to the
"File's Owner", you need to add these actions to the "First
Responder" instead.

Connecting them is virtually the same, as well. Expand the menu
holding the menu item you wish to connect, so that it's visible. Then,
control-drag the connection from the menu item to the "First
Responder" icon, and double-click the action you wish to connect it
to in Interface Builder's "Info" panel.


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