Umlaut issues

  • consiglieri

    consiglieri - 2006-08-17


    When I run the tutorials I receive the following error messages if I substitue "Hello World" with "Hello Wörld"

    2006-08-17 13:31:42.393 cameloutlets[3361] *** Assertion failure in -[NSTextFieldCell _objectValue:forString:errorDescription:], AppKit.subproj/NSCell.m:1298
    2006-08-17 13:31:42.394 cameloutlets[3361] Perl error: 1

    I have no problems with umlauts in pure perl scripts (scripts not made with camelbones) so I'm guessing this is a camelbones issue. I might add that if I make a Hello World project in Cocoa Applications it works fine with umlauts.. its only in Camelbones I have this problem. I have the the latest stable version and am using Xcode 2.3


    • Sherm Pendley

      Sherm Pendley - 2006-09-29

      Cocoa methods expect incoming strings to be UTF8 encoded, so make sure your .pl & .pm files are UTF8, and also add "use utf8;" near the top to make sure that Perl knows your source is UTF8.


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