Outline Data Sources - best object?

  • Anonymous - 2002-10-17

    I am writing a data source for an outline view and getting myself kind of confused. I am finding it hard to locate my position that's been looked up by the outline.

    I realized that if I return something like an NSObject from child_ofItem call then it is correctly passed back when objectValueForTableColumn:byItem is called. That I get.

    What I would like to know is - what object should I return? The outline view wants an NSObject. I thought that a CBPerlObject would be nice - it ISA NSObject and would carry pointers to a Perl reference, no? Effetively giving me a bridge between what the Outline view manages and my perl code.

    The thing is, they don't seem to work as I'd expect. Is this part of the automatic promotion from previous thread? Then is there an alternative choice of object type to use?

    Is this clear enough?



    • Anonymous - 2002-10-21

      I took a break and came back to this - to answer my own question! I was getting hung up on my first call to numberOfChildren:ofItem ... it turns out if I just use good ol' Perl objects for my items every thing is dandy. :))


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