DoorPrize Followup

Troy Davis
  • Troy Davis

    Troy Davis - 2002-05-27

    Hello again,

    I worked late last night on my DoorPrize app, and it's working now. I'd like to use the NSProgressIndicator bar in inderterminate mode, but I'm getting an error. I'm calling it like this:


    And the error is:

    2002-05-27 12:21:55.014 DoorPrize[4533] Instances of class NSProgressIndicator do not respond to selector startAnimation

    The stopAnimation() call is made the same way, and generates a similar error. I've looked at the docs in the AppKit reference, but I can't seem to find any sample code with an indeterminate progress bar.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank You,

    • Sherm Pendley

      Sherm Pendley - 2002-05-29

      The method you're calling is declared as "- (void) startAnimation: (id) sender", taking a single parameter "sender."

      Parameters are unfortunately not optional when calling ObjC methods. A call to "startAnimation()" results in a call to the ObjC method "startAnimation", where a call to "startAnimation($foo)" results instead in a call to the ObjC method "startAnimation:" - note the colon at the end of the selector.

      Try using this:



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