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Creating Subclass

  • John Ingram

    John Ingram - 2005-01-26

    The subject is kind of vague, I guess.  I was following a (non-Camelbones) tutorial and subclassed NSObject in Interface Builder and had it create the files automatically.  When it created foo.m and foo.h I remembered that not all of XCode and Interface Builder is Perl :)

    So how do I create a subclass in CamelBones?  Well, maybe I should be asking a different question.

    I need toolbar, and apparently you can't make a toolbar in Interface Builder.  So that was the tutorial that I was following -- how to make a toolbar.  Apparently you have to do it in code. 

    I also noticed there's a toolbar in ShuX, so I'll take a look at that code.  But if there's an easy answer to either question (how to make a perl subclass in Interface Builder OR how to make a toolbar in CamelBones) I'll take that.  Worst case scenario is that we create more chatter in this sparse forum, which would be a good thing.


    • Sherm Pendley

      Sherm Pendley - 2005-01-27

      No such thing as Perl subclasses in the current release. There is some support for that in CVS, but well, that's CVS - as you might expect, it ain't soup yet. :-)

      The Toolbar in ShuX actually does serve as a fairly decent example. It's customizable, and a couple of the 'bar items use a custom view defined in IB and loaded from a NIB. So, it's more than just a row of buttons.

      What would *REALLY* be a Very Good Thing for these fora would be a working NNTP interface to them. SF played around with one, never got it working quite right, and apparently abandoned the idea.


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