How to install CB 1.1.0-minmal

  • kittekat

    kittekat - 2007-12-19

    I downloaded "", expanded it and moved the folder CamelBones.framework as replacement under Developer/CamelBones/Frameworks of a CB 1.0.3 installation.

    But still I don't see the "Perl / Cocoa Application" type in the "XCode / New Project" selection.

    What step did I miss?

    my system is a Mac mini / Intel with Mac OS X 10.5.1 (Leopard) and XCode 3.0

    • Rachel Blackman

      Rachel Blackman - 2007-12-19

      The 'minimal' package was just a testbed build of the framework to make certain that Perl projects did not explode when the framework was replaced. 

      The real CamelBones 1.1.0 (including bundled CPAN modules, Xcode 3 templates, an installer and so on) isn't ready yet.  We'll try to get the templates and installer done soonish. :)

    • kittekat

      kittekat - 2007-12-19

      Thanks for the fast reply - I am looking forward! I got my Mac mini with leopard, so I have not seen CB in action. After several years of programming in Perl on different unix based platforms I am very curious on this experience. Educated in physics I started programming in 1968 (of course in FORTRAN) and collected experiences in a lot of operating systems until I met Mac OS X about one month ago. And I am still enthusiastic. I would like to start generating programs within the Cocoa framework without the necessity of learning also a new language (Object-C). So there is at least another one interested in CB in spite the feeling of Sherm, that everybody wants to use Ruby or Python 


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