OReilly Hints At ObjC-Perl Bridge

  • Steven J. Burr
    Steven J. Burr

    This statement appears in the Preface for "Building Coca Applications":

    (And for those interested in writing Perl applications for this new platform, watch for Programming Cocoa Applications with Perl, also coming soon from O'Reilly.)

    Any idea what this is referring to?

    • Sherm Pendley
      Sherm Pendley

      The book is being written by Dan Sugalski, and will be covering two things, actually.

      In my opinion, the best part of the book is about building GUI applications in Perl, using CamelBones. ;-)

      It will probably also cover the use of Apple's in-house ObjC/Perl bridge module, which will be included with Jaguar. I say "probably" because my involvement with the book has been limited to talking with Dan about CamelBones - I don't have any "insider information" to offer, I'm simply assuming that he'll cover both bridges, as each has capabilities the other lacks.

      Apple's bridge module is just that - it's a Perl module that you "use" just like any other module, in a standalone .pl script. It does not support the creation of full-fledged GUI applications in Perl; this is due to a limitation in the Cocoa GUI classes themselves, which are amazingly difficult (if not impossible) to work with outside the context of a .app bundle.

      CamelBones, on the other paw, is a framework that you link into a .app bundle. While it provides the capability to create full-fledged GUI apps, as well as an embedded Perl interpreter for accessing Perl classes from Objective-C, it cannot be used in standalone .pl scripts.