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Caliph and Emir: Lire 07 released

Java & MPEG-7 based tools for annotation and retrieval of digital photos and images, supporting semantic annotation and content based, meta-data based and semantic image retrieval. The sub project Lire offers a library for content based image retrieval.

Lire 0.7 is a major release fixing a lot of bugs and introducing several new features including new descriptor, a simplified way to use descriptors by introducing new generic searchers and indexers as well as an generalized interface for image descriptors. There are also several improvements in indexing and search speed (especially in autocolorcorrelogram). Furthermore retrieval performance was optimized based on the Wang 1000 data set. If you use Lire 0.7 to update an existing version, please make sure that your indices are created newly from scratch. All new features have also found their way into LireDemo, which now also supports multi-threaded indexing.
Thanks for comments, code and general comments go again to Savvas Chatzichristofis, Rodrigo Carvalho Rezende, Marko Keuschnig, Christian Penz, Oge Marques, Anna-Maria Pasterk and Christoph Kofler.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-10-23

LIRE v0.6 released: New Image Features

The new release contains three additional features: (i) Tamura texture features, (ii) Color and Edge Directivity Descriptor (CEDD) and (iii) a configurable color histogram implementation. While the last one was integrated for comparison only the other two provide additional improvements, especially the CEDD feature. Furthermore a FastMap implementation was included in the release for optimization of the indexing process in a later release. Also some bugs were fixed in the MPEG-7 EdgeHistogram descriptor provided in the cbir-library jar file and in color-only search. Note that due to the increased number of features the extensive document builder, which extracts all available features, needs significantly more time for extraction than in the last release.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-06-09

Switched to subversion

Finally Caliph & Emir, Lire and LireDemo switched to subversion. Therefore CVS is no longer updated.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-05-23

Lire 0.5.4 released: Bugfixes

In Lire 0.5.4 some bugs were fixed: The scalable color descriptor (color histogram) was not compliant to the MPEG-7 standard, which is now fixed. The color only search was changed to use the color layout descriptor and a bug in the edge histogram descriptor was hunted down.

Note that you have to re-index your files: Your old index cannot be used with the new version as 2 descriptors have changed. Furthermore all binary files have been compiled with Java 6.0. So if you need a Java 1.5 version you'll need to recompile yourself (ant build file is included) and include the swing layout class library from NetBeans.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-10

Caliph & Emir v0.9.25 released

Caliph & Emir 0.9.25 is mainly a maintainance release: There were some bugs in the content based image retrieval classes. Scalable Color descriptor extraction was fixed and yields now the same results as the MPEG-7 reference software. Furthermore ppm and bmp images are now supported. Note that Java 6.0 is required for the binary version and 1.5 for building it yourself.

The Scalable Color Descriptor was fixed: Now it matches the XM implementation (thanks to Fabrizio Falchi and Bastian Hoesch). EdgeHistogramImpl has also been updated according to a bug report & patch by Bastian Hoesch. Furthermore the DominantColor class was adapted based on suggestions by Janine Lachner. New feature is the support for ppm and bmp images.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-06

Lire 0.5.2 Released: New Descriptor

The 0.5.2 release of LIRe brings along a new descriptor, which is kind or "more advanced version of a color histogram". The so called color correlogram is based on the probability to find pixels of certain colors in certain neighborhoods. Leaving the theoretical part aside the color correlogram is a new way to retrieve photos with LIRe based on color and color distribution, which might be very interesting for applications heavily depending on colors. ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-02-26

Lire 0.5.1 Released: Color Search

Since Lire already supports Color histograms (with the MPEG-7 ScalableColor descriptor),
functions for searching for colors have been added in Lire 0.5.1:
"Search for Color" features have been integrated by by adding a searcher for color
only search operations, a document builder restricted to color and a document
factory for fast and efficient creation of documents describing images with one color only.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-12-14

Lire 0.5 Released feat. Identification of Duplicate Images

The 0.5 release of lire includes one major bug fix as well as a new feature. Lire can now easily be used to identify duplicate images within an index. The bug, which is now fixed, was responsible for missing results in the result list in the special case of equal distance to the query image. Additionally the Lucene library packaged with Lire has been updated to version 2.0.0.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-08-04

Caliph & Emir 0.9.23 Released

This release focuses on the visualization of repositories and search results in Emir. Alt + mouse wheel now changes size of thumbnails in the visualization and the movement within the visualization has been fixed. It further includes library updates and a new demo mode (endless loop of iterative arrangement in visualization) in Emir.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-07-31

Lire (Lucene Image REtrieval) 0.4 released

The LIRE library allows the creation of a Lucene Index for content based image retrieval (CBIR). Furthermore methods for searching the index are provided. In Lire 0.4 supported for weighting has been added to the image searcher module. With weighting the importance of texture, colour and colour distribution for image retrieval can be specified.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-05-19

Caliph & Emir 0.9.22 released

The 0.9.22 release brings some whole new and configured metrics for result and repository visualization. The Suffix Tree Graph Metric has been tuned and evaluated, the BM-25 weighting scheme has been applied to path based graph comparison. Furthermore Lucene, Looks and Metadata-Extractor libraries were updated and some small issues were resolved.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-05-15

Lire (Lucene Image REtrieval) 0.3 released

Lire 0.3 updates all internals to Lucene 1.9.1 and brings the new Lucene along in the libraries. The scores are now normalized and semantically equivalent to the score value of Lucene: A score of 1.0 identifies best matches, the lower the score the worse the match.

Two critical bug fixes were made: Deleted documents are now skipped (THX to Roman Kern) and there were some issues with using the same instance of searcher for multiple searches.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-03-29

Caliph & Emir 0.9.21 released

The newest release of Caliph & Emir (v 0.9.21) features a configuration dialog for Emir, result visualization and export of results to html, a faster EdgeHistogram descriptor, some bug fixes and some cleanups of the UI. The standards compliance of the resulting MPEG-7 file in Caliph was fixed (thx to Daniel Poetzinger) and the image analysis section has been partially re-written (many duplicate classes were deleted and the code is now more Java like and faster). Behind the scenes two new metrics for graphs have been added, which can be used for repository visualization. Visit http://www.semanticmetadata for more information as well as downloading and trying Caliph & Emir.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-02-19

Lire (Lucene Image REtrieval) 0.2 released

The Lire 0.2 release brings a lot more performance for indexing and search. Depending on use case and parameters indexing and searching speed has doubled.

For more information visit

Posted by Anonymous 2006-02-18

Lire (Lucene Image REtrieval) 0.1 released

The LIRE (Lucene Image REtrieval) library a simple way to create a Lucene index of image features for content based image retrieval (CBIR). The used features are taken from the MPEG-7 Standard: ScalableColor, ColorLayout and EdgeHistogram. Furthermore methods for searching the index are provided.

The LIRE library is part of the Caliph & Emir project and aims to provide the CBIR features of Caliph & Emir to other Java projects in an easy and light weight way.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2006-02-04

Caliph & Emir Java Web Start Demos Available

Java Web Start demos of Caliph & Emir version 0.9.20 are available on For running the demos you need a Java Runtime (JRE) at least version 1.5, which is available for instance at the Sun Website.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-31

Caliph & Emir Test Data Set Updated

The 1.1 release of the Caliph & Emir test data has been updated to include the dominantcolor descriptor as well as the new thumbnail format (much more appealing). The test data is now available under a Creative Commons 2.5 License ("Some Rights Reserved").

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-30

Caliph & Emir v0.9.20 released

Caliph & Emir are Java & MPEG-7 based tools for textual as well as semantic annotation and retrieval of digital photos and images, supporting structured, unstructured and semantic, graph like annotation and content based, metadata based and semantic image retrieval.
This release features JPEG, PNG and SVG (if Batik is in classpath) export of semantic descriptions from within Caliph. Furthermore structured text annotations can now be copied to free text by using the F8 key. Some icons and their handling within IconCache has changed. Loading of images in Caliph is now much faster.
In Emir search results can now be visualized using the main menu. Several bug fixes have been applied, log4j library is no longer needed and swing-layout and metadata-extractor have been updated.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-26

Caliph & Emir homepage moved

After some evenings of work the Caliph & Emir homepage moved to, and is now powered by the WordPress Blogging software. This did not make my last design changes obsolete, but the design has been adapted slightly to match the features of WordPress, I hope everyone is as please as me, as I don’t have to go down to HTML level for each modification of the homepage. Therefore I promise I will update this site more regularly

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-25

Call for Papers: Semantic Technologies @ I-Know 06

Following CfP is out, and I'm organizer and in the program committee: The <a href="">I-KNOW' 06 Special Track on Advanced Semantic Technologies</a> addresses the emerging field of semantic technologies in knowledge management and information retrieval. Original papers are solicited and will be reviewed by a board of international experts.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-19

What's going on here?

Some may ask: „What do these people do? Nothing’s going on!” Well, I’m here to describe our already taken and next steps. Lately some minor bugs in Caliph have been resolved and put into the CVS. These bugs include the slow image loading, the hang-up of Emir if an icon is missing without a notice to the user and that using ctrl-s in a text box did not save the file actually. I also tried to integrate the ColorStructure descriptor, which failed due to the extensive slowness of its implementation. Within Caliph the semantic description can now be exported to JPEG and PNG, if the Batik libraries are the classpath, SVG is supported too. The icon handling has been changed somewhat, it should be faster by now. Currently I’m working on the visualization of search result, a configuration dialog for Emir and the integration of the DominantColor descriptor for retrieval. Furthermore the test data set has to be re-annotated as there is a new thumbnail format, which is much more appealing.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-12

Caliph &amp; Emir 0.9.19: Major Changes in Usability

Caliph & Emir are Java & MPEG-7 based tools for textual as well as semantic annotation and retrieval of digital photos and images, supporting structured, unstructured and semantic, graph like annotation and content based, metadata based and semantic image retrieval.

The 0.9.19 Caliph & Emir release includes some major changes in the interface (just take a look an you will see) based on the feedback in a user centered evaluation, changes of a new development team member are integrated and the Derby database is included. Our new team member Margit (MrsMojo) implemented a search routine for Emir, which combines different visual descriptors. Check it out, it works great. Derby allows very fast retrieval of images based on content descriptors. Currently it is disabled by default because it is very basic and does not support updates, retrieval of combined visual descriptors and so on. ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2005-11-20

Caliph &amp; Emir 0.9.18: DominantColor Descriptor Added

Recently I found out that the group of Horst Eidenberger has released a Java implementation of the DominantColor descriptor on their CVS server. As soon as I saw this I decided to integrate this one into Caliph & Emir. Well its already working for Caliph. Stay tuned: In the next release you will be able to search for DominantColor.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-10-13

Caliph &amp; Emir v0.9.17 released

The 0.9.17 release contains the new shape annotation panel for Caliph. Now simple shapes (closed paths) can be drawn onto the images and the dominant color is calculated and can be set manually. All the shapes are stored within the MPEG-7 description of the image.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-06-23

Caliph &amp; Emir Windows Installer v0.9.16 with JRE released

This release is intended for people who dont have a pre installed Java Runtime environment. If you are not sure if this may apply to you or you do not know what a Java Runtime Environment is, you are on the safe side with this release.
The new release of Caliph & Emir 0.9.16 brings some major changes under the hood for Emir: The retrieval of graph based semantic information is now powered by a path index implemented with Lucene. Anonymous (wildcard) nodes are allowed, they can be used by typing an * as a node label in the graph query editor. In the result list images can be previewed by clicking on the thumbnails. The installers GUI is now more neat (and orange) and checks if Java is installed. The windows launchers now have icons and the 2-dimensional visualization has been tweaked a bit to look smoother. Additionally libraries were updated and log4j was added.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-06-10

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