What's going on here?

Some may ask: „What do these people do? Nothing’s going on!” Well, I’m here to describe our already taken and next steps. Lately some minor bugs in Caliph have been resolved and put into the CVS. These bugs include the slow image loading, the hang-up of Emir if an icon is missing without a notice to the user and that using ctrl-s in a text box did not save the file actually. I also tried to integrate the ColorStructure descriptor, which failed due to the extensive slowness of its implementation. Within Caliph the semantic description can now be exported to JPEG and PNG, if the Batik libraries are the classpath, SVG is supported too. The icon handling has been changed somewhat, it should be faster by now. Currently I’m working on the visualization of search result, a configuration dialog for Emir and the integration of the DominantColor descriptor for retrieval. Furthermore the test data set has to be re-annotated as there is a new thumbnail format, which is much more appealing.

Well I hope I can push out the next release within this month, stay tuned!

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-12

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