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Caliph & Emir v0.9.20 released

Caliph & Emir are Java & MPEG-7 based tools for textual as well as semantic annotation and retrieval of digital photos and images, supporting structured, unstructured and semantic, graph like annotation and content based, metadata based and semantic image retrieval.
This release features JPEG, PNG and SVG (if Batik is in classpath) export of semantic descriptions from within Caliph. Furthermore structured text annotations can now be copied to free text by using the F8 key. Some icons and their handling within IconCache has changed. Loading of images in Caliph is now much faster.
In Emir search results can now be visualized using the main menu. Several bug fixes have been applied, log4j library is no longer needed and swing-layout and metadata-extractor have been updated.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-26

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