Dominant Color based search

  • pmonbaron

    pmonbaron - 2007-11-21


    I have implemented a text and CBIR search program on top on Caliph & Emir. Indexing and searching works fine for Color Layout, Scalable Color and Edge Histogram. As for Dominant Color, I always receive scores of NAN for every result. Is it me doing something wrong or is this descriptor's distance algorithm not fully implemented yet? I'm asking because Emir does not permit Dominant Color search either.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Snafu Bar

      Snafu Bar - 2007-11-22

      Sorry, DominantColor is in a bad shape. I'd recommend not to use it. However if someone could fix it ... :-) The main problems are: The implementation is only partial and not conform to MPEG-7 and it's also very slow.


    • pmonbaron

      pmonbaron - 2007-11-24

      Thanks for the answer. I'm sorry fixing the DCD won't fit in my schedule for the current
      project... But I've done some work to express it in one line to index it in Lucene (pretty much the same way you did with the other descriptors with Lire). I'll give you some feedback about it.

      Just to be sure, and though they look ok, is there any other issue with the other descriptors?



      • Snafu Bar

        Snafu Bar - 2007-11-24

        np :) for for the 3 others: they should be working fine and as fast as I could make them (I profiled them a lot of times ;) There were memory issues with edge histogram some time ago, but they are resolved now.

        One further undocument "unfeature": The descriptors need a minimum image size (e.g. 8x8 pixel or something like that), which I right now do not recall in numbers.

        looking forward to your indexing approach for dc



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