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  • Mete Akdoğan

    Mete Akdoğan - 2006-11-13

    Altough I have read all of the papers and how_to about Caliph and Emir, I could not find any information about the Caliph's Shape tab. Its functions are not very clear for me. Can I draw a shape and annotate it? Also can the photos be divided into segments and the basic features of these segments can be extracted seperatly, can these sagments be annotated. Some similar things are found in the Caliph's Shape tab, but I could not figure it out compeletly. None of the demos helped about this subject as well. Thanks for your answer, with my best wishes...

    • Anonymous - 2006-11-13


      The shape panel is only intended for drawing the shapes and putting them into the MPEG-7 file. There is (in general) no support for feature extraction and annotation of shapes and regions in Caliph. However the work was seen as preparation for a next step towards shape and region annotation, matching and retrieval. Unfortunately I'm not sure if there will be a release supporting exactly these things in the near future as it's not my part of work (so generally speaking I haven't got the time for implementing such a process ;)

      If you are interested in extending Caliph, I'm sure I can point out the directions (e.g. which of the low level descriptors are able to cope with non rectangular regions and what can be done for annotating the shapes).


    • Mete Akdoğan

      Mete Akdoğan - 2006-11-16

      Hi Mathias, extending the Caliph to support segment annotation is in my scope; at least I will try. But in most of the parts in the source code, explanations are not enough for me. I wonder if you have any docs to help or do you have any suggestions. Will be glad if you point out the directions.


      • Anonymous - 2006-11-16

        Well the source code of the shape drawing tool is only partially coded by me (very small parts) and I fear (as I also do not understand the whole thing) that you have to either work through (The concept is the same for developing swing aplications, deriving classes from jcomponent and so on) or do it new as a whole. All the tabs are actually plug-ins, which follow a certain schema to allow the integration in Caliph.



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