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Plone 3 compatible release: CalendarX-0.9.0

Just out for the new year, the first new release of CalendarX in two years! It works with Plone 3, untested on earlier versions, but likely to work with Plone 2.5 as well. More release coming up.

Posted by lupa zurven 2008-01-09

New i18n version (0.6 based on 0.4 stable)

The new i18n version of CalendarX is based on the stable 0.4 branch and adds internationalization for French and German, and soon we hope for many languages. Join in and help translate CalendarX!

Posted by lupa zurven 2005-04-18

New 0.5 branch with MORE controls on who sees what events.

The new 0.5 dev branch has a portlet for controls (cleans up the head of the calendar) and 90 new properties to control who sees what events, by Role, Group, and Name of the User tied to Type, State, Path, Subject, and Creator of the events. Whew.

Posted by lupa zurven 2005-01-14

New code branch: 0.4 = Plone Product

CalendarX is a product again. It still requires some hand building of the actual interface, but it's a filesystem product again with several feature and skinning improvements over the stable 0.2 branch release. Subcalendars and configurable "Add New Event" links are the big new features.

Posted by lupa zurven 2004-09-09

CalendarX-0.2.0(dev) New code branch released.

CalendarX-0.2.0(dev) is the newest release of CalendarX, a calendar app for Plone. This release provides easier customizability than the 0.1 branch. Although tagged development status, there are no known bugs, only minor feature deficiencies that will be improved shortly with no/minor compatibility problems. It is development status, however, not beta.

Posted by lupa zurven 2004-06-22

CalendarX - New calendar for Plone 2.0+

CalendarX improves on existing calendars available for Plone 2.0+ by adding support for metacalendar (categories of events) using the standard Subject attribute included with existing Event objects.

The first release of CalendarX files was on June 9, 2004.

Posted by lupa zurven 2004-06-09

CalendarX website launched...

CalendarX launched its dynamic website today. Using lots of html tags, the website looks really really grate. See for yourself:

Importantly, this means that work has begun in earnest. I had a working prototype with categories back in December 2003, but never launched. Now I'm extracting bugs and spaghetti code in preparation for an initial file release soon (late May or June). Stand by.

Posted by lupa zurven 2004-05-23

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