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Added public events YearNext and YearPrevious (1.1-1-08)

Added public events YearNext and YearPrevious for both CalendarViewerControl and YearCalendarControl. For inherited controls the virtual OnYear*Click (YearCalendarControl) OnYear* (CalendarViewerControl) should be used. These methods can be overriden.

Posted by Kasreyn 2009-01-22

CVS Updated

Some of you have had problem compiling the CVS because YearCalendarControl.cs was in unicode format. This is now changed so it should work in other IDEs such as Sharp Develop.

Posted by Kasreyn 2009-01-16

New release 1.1-1-07 !

This time there are updates to the naming of files included in the release. The reason for this is that the DLL must have the name name as the namespace (CalendarViewer.dll) or else Visual Studio 2008 generates an exception as soon as it enters runtime.

Also some minor updates to the designtime aspects of the controls.

Posted by Kasreyn 2009-01-15

New filereleases with DLL included!

Updated release files with new DLL for Win32 and Mono platforms. Revision is 1.1-1-06. The DLL is targeted at any developer interested in using the control and provide easy access via the toolbox in Visual Studio.

Note the difference between MonthCalendar and MonthControl:

MonthCalendar is the old control inherited from System.Windows.Forms.MonthCalendar, this was abandonded in favor of MonthControl and should not be used. ... read more

Posted by Kasreyn 2008-12-01

New sources and demo builds!

CVS is updated and new builds of the demo can be found under file releases. This time there is a working Mono package (tested on Mono 1.9.1 linux and windows).

The reason for this release is that it now works flawlessly in Mono. Thanks to the builtin System.Windows.Forms.MonthCalendar being replaced by YearCalendarControl that has fixed size. It can do this because all drawing is handled internally.

Posted by Kasreyn 2008-09-16