From DLL and Cygwin I presume you are running under a Windows platform, so I'll have to speculate here as I do not have a Microsoft platform on which to test this fully.

The calc bindings, are read from a filename specified by the $CALCBINDINGS environment variable (unless -h or -q was given on the command line, or -m disallows opening files for reading). The key binding file is searched for along the $CALCPATH list of directories.

Note that the $CALCBINDINGS environment variable is not used if calc was compiled with GNU-readline support. If your Cygwin environment uses GNU-readline, then the deadline standard mechanisms are used (see the readline(3) man page).

There is another bug that has been filed against calc's use of readline. In the next release we will be patching this code. This may change things for your environment.

Other Cygwin / Windows users: please feel free to comment or correct.

chongo (Landon Curt Noll) /\oo/\