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Mondrago is a two player abstract perfect-information strategy board game. You are welcome to get in touch with us and discuss certain ideas on further development.

Rules of the Board Game

The Mondrago board game rules can be found inside the Rules section of the Mondrago community website. It has been translated to various Languages already.

Mondrago Community

In case of questions or if you simply want to be updated on further research and development or community activities on Mondrago, please visit the Mondrago community website

There is a newer Mondrago in a partner project on GitHub available, too. It is a complete rewrite from scratch reusing the graphics theme as published at BoardGameGeek and Adrian Schacker's logo, name, and logo color scheme.


Older versions from this repository:

  • There's a Mondrago Version 0.6 around, too.
    • Rendering the board view to the device's screen resolution is optimized now.
    • It adds check of alternating game play.
    • Game situations and the whole rule set is checked as well.
    • Stops playing as soon as a player wins. Thus game ends if the winner gets a quad (or better square) shaped by his pawns.
    • If winning the etiquette as introduced in the Mondrago community is that the winning player says "Mondrago" and his opponent kindly thanks for the game played. Just like our Mondrago does in this implementation.
    • Still no computer player in this version.
  • On an early Mondrago Version 0.5 you can simply set the player's pieces freely around on the game board.
    • No check on real rules is performed. So this is up to the players.
    • Just as you are playing on a real world board.
    • No computer player is implemented in this early version.
    • The idea simply was to show that with an effort less than an hour you can get an Android App on a Tablet allowing to play a two player Mondrago.
    • By placing the Tablet on a coffee table you can play just like with a non electronical Mondrago game.
    • Automagically scaling for the device's display resolution is not optimized in this version.

Cheers and loads of fun...

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