Information: New version available soon

Yes, after some months of inactivity, the project restart with a new maintainer.
Beosil wants to give me free hand for decisions:
He write in a mail to me:
"I want to give you (and the other
constributors) free hand for decisions. One single request from myside:
Everyone should read the 'Design Decisions' chapter of the Cal3D User's
Guide, so that the main idea behind this library is clear. Change as much as
you like, but keep the core spirit of Cal3D alive ;)"

Well I will do that.
You can also see change, there is a already a new D3D miniviewer.
But that's only the beginning :
There is a lot of time that you ask for it : in the cvs version you will find the last Cal3D development version which have new function to directly fill D3D vertex buffer, now Cal3D is D3D friendly. This function is :
int CalRenderer::getVerticesAndNormals(float *pVertexBuffer);
int CalRenderer::getVerticesNormalsAndTexCoords(float *pVertexBuffer,int NumTexCoords=1);

I hope this will help a lot of people. A new version of D3D miniviewer to show how we can use these function is available in the cvs. I have also to say that this viewer support other texture formats than .raw : .raw, .bmp, .dds, .dib, .jpg, .png, and .tga. I will add modified the OpenGL version to read at least .tga and .bmp, so this can be a usefull tool.
There will be optimization everywhere it's possible, there is already new optimization in the cvs version.
There will be soon a text file format in XML (the binary will be still available) and I will make a new release of Cal3D (7.2 I suppose) before september.
Desmecht Laurent

Posted by Laurent Desmecht 2002-08-26

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