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Information: MilkShape 3D exporter and "C" wrapper in CVS

Cal3D grows bit for bit. Here are the latest major features added to the "in development" version 0.8devel in CVS:

--- MilkShape 3D Exporter ---

I'm very happy to inform you that a fully functional exporter for MilkShape 3D ( is available in CVS now. It is based on the Cal3D exporter framework and therefore supports the full range of data export (skeleton, animation, mesh, material). You can even automatically generate progressive meshes for LOD. The only thing missing right now is the experimental cloth simulation support, because there is no way to define vertex weights in MilkShape 3D (yet?).

IMPORTANT: The MilkShape 3D exporter compiles/works only in conjunction with the latest "in development" version of Cal3D you can find in the CVS. Furthermore, it is not stress-tested yet and may crash at will ... save your work before exporting! =)

--- Cal3D "C" Wrapper ---

As you all know, Cal3D is platform and graphic-API independent. Now there is even a "C" wrapper to make it language independent! The same, compiled Cal3D library can now be used through the regular C++ calls or the similar pure "C" wrapper functions which can be used by almost all languages there are. A few functions are still missing (all of them uncommon however), but the whole functionality of the miniviewer and The Cally Demo is in there.

i would like to thank Tomek 'Elessar' Grudziski here for his amazing help on this "C" wrapper task. It wouldn't have happened without him! His Delphi binding and the Delphi port of the miniviewer and The Cally Demo will be available as soon as we synchronized the versions.


Bruno 'Beosil' Heidelberger

Posted by Anonymous 2002-01-26

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