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Announcement: cal3d 0.7devel available in CVS

Since I'm currently very busy working on my diploma thesis, and the official release of Cal3D version 0.7 will have to wait yet another bit, I decided to put the current "in development" state of the library into CVS here on This will allow the "early adopters" to take a peek and test it out. The code is stable and will not see any big changes for the 0.7 release, so have fun with it!

The following modules can be found in CVS:
- cal3d
The Cal3D library version 0.7devel.

- cal3d_cally
The Cally Demo version 2.7devel.

- cal3d_data
The exmaple data files in the Cal3D 0.7devel format.

- cal3d_exporter
The 3d modeller export framework with the 3ds max 3.1/4.2 exporter plugin.

- cal3d_miniviewer
The simple model viewer application.

Some of the more important changes since the 0.6 release:

- The Cal3D library is now licensed under the softer LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License). See for details.

- The Cal3D API is now completely documented with the help of Doxygen.

- A Cal3D User's Guide is available to help new developers. It misses the latest features though, but pretty much everything in it is still correct.

- The animation pipeline was extended to allow the integration of morph target animations and cloth animation in the future.

- The bone influence system uses a localized bone transformation approach now. This was needed for the experimental cloth animation system, for a better control of the skinned meshes and for a better vertex shader support.

- An experimental cloth animation system is in place. This is not for production stuff, it's really a testbed for cloth animation experiments. If you have a realistic and fast cloth animation mechanism, let me know! =)

- The 3ds max exporter supports 3.1 and 4.2 now. Make sure you grab the 4.2 update for 3ds max 4.0, or you will have serious problems with the character animation and exports. Biped/Physique and Bone/Skin modifiers are fully supported, but
not yet "stress-tested".

As always, keep the suggestions, corrections, critics and everything else coming! Should you be working on a project with Cal3D, send me a line so I can help you and inform you about future plans etc.

Bruno 'Beosil' Heidelberger

Posted by Anonymous 2001-12-11

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