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Information: A first glimpse of the LOD in cal3d 0.6

As you probably read in a previous news post, the upcoming release of cal3d will feature progressive meshes. This will make it possible to adjust the level of detail for each model instance dynamically at runtime.

To give you a first impression of this new feature, I uploaded some screenshots showing different LOD levels of a complex model at

The model was exported through the new cal3d exporter which will do the LOD calculations for you. The screenshots were taken from the miniviewer tool that will be included in the next release of cal3d too.

All the wanted features for cal3d 0.6 are implemented now. It will take me some more days to clean it up a bit and finish the new demos. I hope to release 0.6 in about a week. After that I will spend some time writing docs and tutorials.

Bruno 'Beosil' Heidelberger

Posted by Anonymous 2001-07-21

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