Hello Ahmed,

You will find all the documentation for the jiplet project from the URL below. It will explain to you how to develop jiplets. In particular, please read the  jiplet developers guide.


In addition, SIP and SDP programming, visit the site:


Regarding RTP programming, I am not very familiar with it myself but my understanding is that Java Media Framework  (JMF)supports RTP streaming of voice and video. You can take a look at the SIP Communicator project to see some examples.


Hope this helps.


satum satum wrote:
  I'm Ahmed MAJT from morocco, i'm student in telecom , i'm working on a project about IMS (ip multimedia subsystem), i need to creat a visioconference service based on sip, now i'm using jiplet container with Jboss, i've seen the jiplet exemple published in cafesip but i need more informations about how to write programs in java wich can perform this service. I can acces to EMM 2.1 wich is a plateforme of IMS by ericsson but i dont know how to creat a RTP media flow and send it with just a sip adress. I'll be glad if u can help me