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This page tries to centralize all the important information for the development of CAELinux 2013. It is aimed at developers and contributors to enable some coordination of the efforts. For user documentation and tutorials, please visit and for general use questions, go to the forums on

Getting involved / basic organization rules

These rules are just a draft proposition, to be validated soon

There are several ways of getting involved in the project.

  1. First, the simplest step is to test the packages software (from testing or stable repository) and report bugs through the "Tickets" system.
  2. The second level is to propose new packages or new features.
    The simplest way to propose a new package or new feature or improvement is to open a ticket.

  3. The third level is to contribute to the maintainance of the user documentation on or the development documentation on the present sourceforge wiki.
    For example, you may want to propose an new user manual or tutorial and upload it on Or you can maintain the "Package list" page on this development wiki to maintain it up to date.

  4. The fourth level is to become a pakage developer or maintainer. To do this contact the administrator to become an official developer so you can contribute and upload your contributions. You may want to develop a new Deb package or update an existing one. Or try to find answers to the open tickets by proposing work arounds.
    If you want to upload a new package, ask the admins about the procedure. Your package will be reviewed before being proposed online and also you will need to write (or update) a document to describe how the package was built (and maybe attach a source package or build script). The idea is that this documentation should be complete enough for anybody else to rebuild your package from scratch in the same way as you did.

  5. The fifths and last level is to become an admin. This means that you will have the right to promote new packages in the repository and manage the access rights of the users. This is only for experienced developers who already contributed much and have a trusted track record.

Testing packages

To test packages of the "testing" branch of CAELinux 2013, you first need to install any version of Ubuntu 12.04 64bit (Ubuntu and Xubuntu are known to work well) and add the CAELinux repository in your package source list. As CAELinux also uses packages from other repositories, please follow this procedure :

  1. add one of the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list by running sudo -e /etc/apt/sources.list

    deb 2013 testing
    deb 2013 testing

  2. update your package lists with sudo apt-get update

  3. install external sources used by caelinux packages

    sudo apt-get install caelinux-apt-sources

  4. update the package list a last time

    sudo apt-get update

  5. install your caelinux packages using

    sudo apt-get install name-of-the-package

  6. if you encounter a problem or see a need for improvement, open a "Ticket". To hel the developers. try to be very clear in your description of the problem (what happened, when doing what, what is your configuration, which package version, attach a picture or copy the error message ...)

Development pages


Home: CAELinux2013_package_list

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