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Minor Update 3.2.2

After months of absence, a minor update to the 3.2 line has been released. 3.2.2 fixes a bug that prevents the installation of Caditor without an internet connection. The release also has an updated data file for syntax highlighting for the I programming language (

Posted by Caglow 2010-01-09

Caditor 3.2 Released

Caditor 3.2 is the second of Caditor '09's bi-monthly releases. Although not as obvious as 3.1, the improvements this release are significant:

Tips: Displays a random tip whenever the program is run
Auto-updater: Check for updates on startup
Windows 2K Theme: A Win2K theme for a faster Dasyn
Commenting: Documented code for easier viewing
Reorder Tabs: Drag tabs to reorder for convienience
Caxer Explorer: Treeview file explorer for Caditor
Auto-save: Saves files every 60 seconds if enabled
Rich Text Bar: Updated RTF to apply text changes to toolbar
Code Optimization: More efficient textbox for larger files
Justify Text: Gives the additional option to justify in RTF
FTP Updates: Bugfixes and changes to the FTP client... read more

Posted by Caglow 2009-02-16

Caditor Future Plans

Caditor is expected to continue to grow as time passes by. The next release of the project, Caditor 3.2, is targetted for next Saturday, February 14th. It will fix a few bugs encountered in 3.1 as well as some additions of features.

The following release, 3.3, is scheduled for April of this year. Changes for that release are currently unknown but will be released as more information comes.

Posted by Caglow 2009-02-07

Caditor '09 Complete

It's been months since development on '09 Daylight began. The completion and release is on this day, 6 months to the day when Caditor 1.0 was built. Six months, and over a hundred hours of work, is what it took to bring the project to what it now is.

With that in mind, Caditor '09 is a revolutionary release. It builds onto Caditor 2 a wealth of features ranging from its new tabbed interface to its plugin system. It's a remarkable list of additions and updates:... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-12-23

Caditor 2 Final

The FINAL version of Caditor 2 has been released as Caditor 2.06. No more additions or updates will be released to this series unless absolutely required.

This release fixes a title-bug which does not display the file name when the file is rich text and when it is opened through Explorer. There are some changes involved related to UI including a new theme. Several new syntax sheets have also been included including for Ada and PHP.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-11-22

Caditor Dasyn's one of the newer updates to Caditor 3 being a BIG fix to the original SynHigh component. Highlighting large files can be done at an extremely fast speed although still slow compared to some of the larger and non-portable text editors.

Dasyn still has problems though. Unlike SynHigh, Dasyn highlights everything everytime the text in the textbox changes. That causes somewhat of a nuisance in typing.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-10-31

Caditor 2.05 Update

Caditor 2.05 is more than likely, the last of the Caditor 2 series. It includes no new features though quite a few bugfixes.

This release re-fixes the updater and cFTP which were somehow accidentally disabled during development in 2.04.

Posted by Caglow 2008-10-18

Caditor 2.04 Release

Caditor 2.04 has been released with some minor bugfixes including a temporary one to line numbering. The release, named the John Muir Update, is either the last or the second to last release of Caditor 2 whose lifespan will soon terminate.

Users may update with the updater found in v2.02 or 2.03 or may download directly from the SourceForge:

Posted by Caglow 2008-10-12

Caditor 3 Predictions

It's that time again! Time for the creation of a new release of the app. As with "Caditor 2 Predictions," I will detail through the main features of the release as it appears at this time.

Perhaps the #1 most wanted feature for Caditor is tabs. As it currently appears, Caditor will be restricted to a maximum of 5-10 tabs (actually more like buttons but...). These tabs are expected to be a fast and easy addition to what exists already.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-10-11

Caditor 2 near end

After over a month in Caditor 2.xx, the Caditor 2 releases are coming to an end. Caditor 2.04 is expected to be the last of the production line and is not expected to contain any more new features.

Ever since development began on Caditor 1.2, v2 has been greatly celebrated throughout. It's generated 95% of the Caglow site's downloads and is the reason for 98% of Caditor's downloads. It's been supreme over Caditor 1 the first week it was released.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-09-28

Caditor 2.03 Release

After another few weeks of development on the 2.xx production line, Caditor 2.03 has been completed and has been released.

This releases fixes:
-SynHigh c-style comments
-Undo/Redo issue

Additions include:
-FTP upload
-FTP download
-Compiler integration
-New color theme

Some other minor changes may also be evident in this release from 2.02. Note that the compiler integration feature may also be used with a scripting language via an interpreter. The compiler must be set up through the settings dialog.

Posted by Caglow 2008-09-21

Caditor 2.02 Out

After some much needed developmental time (mixed in with other issues), Caditor 2.02 has been released.

2.02 is the first in the line to feature SynHigh, the Caditor syntax highlighter which, abeit slow (very slow...6-10 lines per second for smaller files...), works great. C-style comments are not yet supported in this version of SynHigh but are expected to be in the upcoming 2.03 release.

Also fixed in 2.02 is the inability to read different encodings which would result in awkward looking text when outputted. This is deemed a major bug in 2.01 and has been fixec with an encoding option for 2.02.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-09-06

Caditor 2.01 Update

Caditor 2.01 is a moderately important update to Caditor 2.00, the initial release of Caditor 2.

The most noteable addition in this release is the addition of a recent files feature which tracks recently opened files. This feature may be paused and disabled through the settings dialog.

The other, more important modification is a bugfix. This bugfix regards an issue with the "new file" feature which when save is pressed, does not save the file. This fix also applies to the Caditor 1.x series.

Posted by Caglow 2008-08-26

Caditor 2 is Here

Caditor is a portable and relatively small text editor built for those ont-the-go.

Now after a long wait through intensive development, version 2 of the Caditor text editor is finally here. With it comes a plethora of new and enhanced features not found in the Caditor 1.x series.

-New Style (Denali)
-Settings Dialog
-Line Numbering
-File encryption
-Cadl (i18)
-UI customization
-Program updater... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-08-22

Caditor 1.3 Out

Nobody here thought there was going to be a 1.3 release for Caditor...apparently, there is.

Caditor 1.3 is a major update to the 1.2 release giving it a fewe security features as well as some others to speed things up. The titlebar upgrade borrowed from Caditor 1.0-r1 has been implemented now as well as some changes in design.

Overall, in terms of release size, this is a minor release to appear before the huge Caditor 2.0 to come in a few weeks now.

Posted by Caglow 2008-08-06

Caditor 3 Ahead!

As development begins to halt for Caditor 2.0 and starts up for 2.1, The BASE platform for Caditor 3 has been coded.

Caditor 3 will be under heavy development alongside Caditor 2.1 immediately after Caditor 2's IR release. Due a complete rewrite of the code howeer, Caditor 3's development may be expected to last into Spring of next year before completion.

The main difference between Caditor 3 and everything before it is the (programming) language it is written in. While Caditor 1 and 2 use C# with the .NET Framework, Caditor 3 uses C and pure Windows API. This change will enable the app to retain it's speed from Caditor 1.0 (sorry, a little of that was lost in Caditor 2), while still excelling in other areas.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-08-05

Caditor 2 is Near

The release of the upcoming and much anticipated Caditor 2 is near! It has grown from, in version 1.0, a very basic and hardly useful editor (ok, maybe somewhat useful but very bland) to a full-featured, state-of-the-art application in 2.0 (which has yet to be released for those wondering).

Due to the aggressive workings of the program, this version may enter beta stage a month early from the originally planned September release date into late August of this year (around the 25th). Additionally, an IR has been targeted for Labor Day just a week or so later barely into September (Labor Day is September 1st).... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-08-03

Caditor 3 Requests

It might sound a bit early to begin talking about Caditor 3 as Caditor 2 hasn't even released but as always, we're looking ahead to the future. Translation: Feature requests are open for Caditor 3!

Sure, you don't know what's even in Caditor 2 yet but that just adds to the fun. Actually, requests are being accepted for Caditor 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0.

To submit a request, head under the Tracker menu and clik on "Feature Requests" which will take you to the requests tracker. You may also post feature removal requests here if you wish.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-07-27

Caditor 1.0 Update

Caditor 1.0 has always been the quickest and the simplest of Caditor's line of editors. This gives an excellent reason to use this version over the others. It is thus, that this seemingly legacy release is still being worked on in development even with the mighty Caditor 2 underway.

Therefore, an "upgrade" has been issued for users of this version with several additions to help build the reputation of this release.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-07-26

Caditor 1.2 IR

Caditor, an advanced, open source text/rtf editor, has just released, version 1.2 of the application. After a few weeks in beta along with a few bugs, the version's first delta release (or, Initial Release - IR) comes.

This release is believed to be almost entirely free of bugs and just inches from becoming stable. It is HIGHLY recommended for use over the aging Caditor 1.1 which very likely contains bugs which were fixed during 1.2 development.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-07-25

Caditor 2 Predictions

Caditor, for sometime now, has been a simple and easy to use text editor. Now as Caditor 1.2 now enters a stablized delta stage, development on the Caditor 2 series has begun.

One of the most remarkable changes in this line will be the program's structure. As opposed to a single file doing all the work, this release calls for the use of dynamicly-linked-libraries (dlls) which allows to the code to work more efficiently. The use of a dll system also enables a way of defining components which may be optionally selected during installation.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-07-17

Caditor 1.2 Beta

Caditor 1.0 began its line as a simple, Notepad style text editor. This was greatly expanded in 1.1 with a "Find" box and RTF support. Now, as the project expands, 1.2 has been completed adding to what was already developed.


Caditor 1.2 Beta 1.0 has finally been completed. Over the last few days of Beta 0.x, numerous bugs have been found and "zapped." Some may still remain as it is still in Beta.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-07-11

Caditor 1.1 Update

Caditor 1.1 has been updated to fix 1 lowly important and one highly important bugs.

First off: Upon closing the editor, should there be any changes to the text, the app should show a popup window requesting the user to save the file. The dialog functions, however, the app saves as an RTF document regardless of its previous state. Document may be recovered so the state of importance is low.

Another bug has also been found. In previous veersions, when Arabic characters are typed and saved, the saved file loses its original encoding and saves it as what appears to be random ASCII characters. Fix is of high importance.... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-07-10

Caditor 1.1 Final

Caditor is a feature rich text editor developed for Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0 and higher. The project has since expanded from this functionality in v1.0 up to much more.

The leap from the previous release up to the current is a major one. v1.1, the latest stable version of Caditor now supports not only text formats, but also, the Rich Text Documents (.rtf). This, and plenty more new features, sharply separates this version from the previous, v1.0. See a full list and details here:... read more

Posted by Caglow 2008-06-27

Caditor 1.0 Stable

On this 26th day of June, 2008, Caditor, an eye-friendly text editor for .NET, is proud to announce that it has now stablized it's v1.0 for public usage. This release, originally v1.0.0-1, has been tested to be free of bugs and errors thus becoming suitable to be THE v1.0 platinum release.

The only resolved bug in this update is a fix to reduce CPU usage. Should there be any other bugs beyond the 1.0.0 release, they shall be either reported as a tracker to this project page or to the project website.

Posted by Caglow 2008-06-26