#12 Cache name and type


The cache property dialogue box does not populate the cache name field and type field even though information is already held in the main screen from.

this exists when opening or importing from a gpx or loc file.


  • Brian Erickson

    Brian Erickson - 2007-08-01

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    I have tried this on my system and the cache names and descriptions show up on the both the grid and the properties dialog.

    I will need some more information to reproduce and fix this one.

    Is this only happening on some GPX and LOC files, or for certain caches? What are the OS and language settings?

  • Aldo

    Aldo - 2007-08-02

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    OS is Windows XP Home on laptop and XP pro on main pc, Language set to English UK on both..

    Both systems have issue, tried both in safe mode with no firewalls,AV and all extra processes off.

    This happens on any cache downloaded from Geocaching.com in .LOC format but also happens if I convert or save as a .GPX.
    If I create the waypoint using cachemagent it works fine just not when importing or loading.

    If I load up the same file in any other GPS software eg EasyGPS or Garmin Waypint manager, memory-map etc the waypoint fields are all fully populated.

  • Brian Erickson

    Brian Erickson - 2007-08-02

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    Aha, I couldn't reproduce it because I was doing all my testing with .GPX files directly from pocket queries. I see the problem now that I'm using a .LOC file from geocaching.com. Now that I can see the issue it shouldn't be difficult to fix. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Brian Erickson

    Brian Erickson - 2007-08-02
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