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Cardian Angel 3 / News: Recent posts

CA3 Lite!

I have released a CA3_Lite which can follow, cure, kneel, and none of the other stuff. It is totally automatic and menu driven. 100% FFACT and Actool, of course!

Posted by cgrinds 2006-11-11

Upcoming Release 2.0

When the next version of ffact hits the presses, the new version of CA3 will be released. Current development of the 1.x line is discontinued and preparations for 2.0 have beugn. the cvs version will not be compatible with the 1.x releases, so if you download any files you will need to do some heavy modding - beware!

Look forward to the 2.0 release sometime in the near future, and check the ffact forums for release information on the new ffact :)

Posted by cgrinds 2006-07-27

Version 1.16 Released!

CA3 now finds it's own home directory
CA3 will now save the state it was in (party members, tank, follow, etc) when terminated, and will prompt to load the last state at startup.

All-in-all this is a stability update, feature improvement, and allows for the CA3 to become much more than just a PLbot. In future releases, the CA3 will have modules for fishing, tanking, and more!

Nicest feature of the new bot is the autosave when you kill it. When you start it back up its as if it was never turned off in the first place. no re-setting up parties anymore! :)... read more

Posted by cgrinds 2006-07-13

Future modules!

I will make CA3 modular with the next release. I will make other modules for synthing, fishing, and tanking when I have time.

For the last 3... I could use some help. If anyone has the time, post it here.

Posted by cgrinds 2006-07-12

Cardian Angel 3 v1.13 released

This is a feature complete stable release of the ever popular Cardian Angel 3. Please post all bugs, suggestions, and feature requests here in the appropriate department. Instructions are available at the CA3 Home Page.

Posted by cgrinds 2006-07-10