I got the same problem. My monitoring framework requires a fixed name. And I want to get hold of the attributes from the PooledDataSource  mbean. And JConsole shows this name as “PooledDataSource [2t8xzr7w1807yi21lc7l2i|11d3226]. Is this the same problem you have?  describes why this is a feature. It also describes how to adjust the name. Search for “VMID”. However setting the VMID to NONE only skips the one part of the id. I still get a name like “PooledDataSource [11d3226] where the hex part is changing everytime I restart my service.
I too would appreciate a way to have a fixed name for this mbean.
Any pointers are most welcome.
        / Sven
From: Ben Gidley <ben@gi...> - 2008-09-03 12:37
We have c3p0 exposing itself to JMX and we want to be able to automatically
monitor it. However we are having trouble working out the name of the JMX
Object name. Is there a way of setting this to a known value?



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