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The c-icap-0.5.1 is released

The c-icap-0.5.1 is released. To download new release please visit c-icap project download page:

For installation instructions:

The c-icap-0.5.1

The 0.5.1 release has the following new major features :
* TLS/SSL support. This feature sponsored by Ergon Informatik AG.
* A non-blocking ICAP client API. This feature sponsored by Ergon Informatik AG.
* Allow 204 response on preview handler even if the ICAP client does not support preview.
* New API functions.

Major bugs fixed:
* c-icap crashes on shutdown or on reconfigure, because of unloaded c++ dynamic libraries. The new release accepts the forceUnload=off parameter to Module and Service configuration parameters to force c-icap to not actually unload dynamic libraries on reconfigure, or shutdown.

New configuration parameters:
* FakeAllow204
* TlsPort
* TlsPassphrase

Posted by chtsanti 2017-03-20

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