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The c-icap-0.4.3 and c-icap-modules-0.4.3 are released

The c-icap-0.4.3 and c-icap-modules-0.4.3 are released. To download new
releases please visit c-icap project download page:

For installation instructions:

c-icap-0.4.3 changes

  • ci_membuf_write: do not warn user about writting after eof, if not actualy someone try to write
  • Man pages spelling errors
  • Fix ModulesDir and ServicesDir default locations for some architectures
  • Crashes for modules if null argument passed to ci_list_first, ci_list_head and ci_list_tail macros
  • Fix allow204 outside preview responses
  • Use poll instead of select for polling network sockets and pipes
  • Fix core dumps inside client_parse_icap_header()

c-icap-modules-0.4.3 changes

  • Fix content_filtering service config and template file permissions
  • Bug fixes in srv_content_filtering body data structures
  • Bug fix: The second argument of srv_content_filtering.Action never accepted
Posted by chtsanti 2016-04-22

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