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CHANGELOG for version 0.530 of C-Arbre

* found a bug in c-arbre_doc.php that prevents displaying documentary files when the category of display is unfiltered (FIXED IN VERSION 0.530).
* found a bug with internationalization: when using print mode, the GUI's language resets to default. the lang var needs to be set using the POST method (FIXED IN VERSION 0.530).
* inclusion of unused webstats include file is corrupted under Win32: a redundant beginning / has been removed from all the includes. The webstats include file will be used in later versions for updating some statistical data about users and displayed objects (FIXED IN VERSION 0.530)
* login button picture img/b_login.jpg was missing in the distribution (FIXED IN VERSION 0.530)
* NON NULL type for groups ID changed to NULL type: SQL file could not succeed on installation (FIXED IN VERSION 0.530)
* RDF/RSS include files for displaying all the available types of documentary files on the web portal are now delivered (VERSION 0.530)
* found a bug when displaying resources that have line breaks or DBK tags on the web portal: the picture disappears, information is only displayed until the first line break. Solution: the RDF/RSS parsing process has been fixed and the picture is parsed before description. Description may be truncated (FIXED IN VERSION 0.530)
* first steps towards the automatic filling of new documentary files: an automated search for ISBN through some Internet Websites will return contents for automatic filling of the an appropriate documentary file - an ISBN field (varchar 250) is added for that purpose in documentary files' tables (WORK IN PROGRESS FOR VERSION 0.531)
* a delete button needs to be added for resources, documentary files, notes and comments when the user is the author (WORK IN PROGRESS FOR VERSION 0.530) ... read more

Posted by Fabrice Philibert-Caillat 2002-02-12

C-Arbre gained a new developper today

Please note that the project is not dead. In fact, we are now at a small range from a VERY FIRST PUBLIC RELEASE on sourceforge.net, but we wanted it to be (almost) fully functional and structured in a very definitive way, in order to integrate public modifications as fast as possible. Now, be sure you'll be warned and don't hesitate to ask for the sources by emailing to: c-arbre@realink.org.

Posted by Fabrice Philibert-Caillat 2001-05-30

The C-Arbre Project's homepage is available!

The C-Arbre Project's homepage is now available in English at: http://realink.org/c-arbre/doc/
It provides a short description of the project (to be expanded on a regular basis), some technical notes and links to useful resources.
Check it now!

Posted by Fabrice Philibert-Caillat 2000-09-20

A first public release of C-Arbre...

A first public release of C-Arbre, numbered 0.4 Alpha, will be posted around the 12th september. This build will be fully functionnal in a Linux/MySQL environment and will provide the international framework of the project, the main functions, and some usable but optionnal modules.
Including : a mailing list management system, a news system, templates for integrating C-Arbre on any website, a web based chat, a basic theme, English and french interfaces, etc.

Posted by Fabrice Philibert-Caillat 2000-09-01