#23 Server: Random Map, Log Scores


All changes for server made for 1.7g0 sources, this is
my first time making a diff etc, so if I do it wrong, pliz let
me know =D (done under windows, so not all options
work in *nix that I know of)

if a asterix is specified in world file ie "-worldfile *.bzw" it
makes a list of files that match the specification (b*.bzw
would match maps that start with a b for example) then
picks a random map from them to use. There's code for
both windows and *nix, but since *nix handles asterixs
in commandline arguments differently (replaces them
with possible files) it doesn't work, might have to use a
different wildcard?

Added a -printfinalscore option, just like -printscore, but
only outputs on end of a game

Added "-kickongameend seconds" to boot all players
from server after the game ends after period of time,
handy for servers that use the -g option so they don't
have to wait for all players to exit before it can shutdown.

Added -logscore, which outputs to a file at the end of
every game in the form of
Name NoGamesPlayed TotalWins TotalLosses
should sort on Wins-Losses at the moment, it reads the
file in before it writes it and adds scores with the same
name together, so you get a nice running total over all
games played on the server.


  • Twink

    Twink - 2003-01-21
  • Twink

    Twink - 2003-01-21

    Logged In: YES

    Applied to CVS, Thanx!

  • Twink

    Twink - 2003-01-21

    Logged In: YES

    hehe, forgot to upload diff file on first try, then accidently
    selected the "applied to cvs" remark, I am a bit dizzy
    sometimes =P

  • Frank Thilo

    Frank Thilo - 2003-01-21
    • labels: --> 371933
  • Tim Riker

    Tim Riker - 2003-01-26

    Logged In: YES

    Can you separate these into different patches?

    perhaps -world should detect if the target is a directory
    and then random from all the .bzw files there?

  • David Trowbridge

    • labels: 371933 -->
    • status: open --> open-out-of-date
  • Jeff Myers

    Jeff Myers - 2011-07-31
    • status: open-out-of-date --> closed-rejected

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