#1 Score percent

Pier Donini

* The score list is sorted by win% (i.e., win / (win +
losses)) which I
find more significative than using win -losses
(although, if two
win% are equal, win - losses are then compared).
* The score list and the player score also now display
* Sorting order was reversed (good players go on top).
* Minor score formatting adjustements.

Modified files: src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx,


  • Pier Donini

    Pier Donini - 2001-07-17

    score percent patch

  • Colin Bayer

    Colin Bayer - 2001-07-18

    Logged In: YES

    The problem with this is that the comparisons are
    practically useless until everyone has a significant number
    of kills/deaths under their belt. It would be great as a
    sorting scheme, but to change score display over to this
    exclusively would annoy lots of players (imagine Kulma with
    a score of 100-47 being unseated by a newbie who happened to
    get a single kill before his first death).

    -- SIGKILL

  • Pier Donini

    Pier Donini - 2001-07-18

    Logged In: YES

    Yes, but you don't stay without a significant number of kills/deaths for long... I think it is a minor problem
    compared to having struggled for an hour to have a -20 (80-100) score and beeing listed below a newbie
    who has a -19 (0-19) one... Maybe a fix would be to require (say) 10 deaths+kills before validating a win%.
    If you have other ideas, let me know.

  • Pier Donini

    Pier Donini - 2002-01-24
  • Pier Donini

    Pier Donini - 2002-01-24

    Logged In: YES

    Patch Update.

    As in my previous patch the score list is is sorted by win%
    (that is, considering the number of wins versus the number
    of battles).

    However, this new patch gives less weight to the scores of
    players who haven't been in many battles (less than 9) and
    whose skill cannot be yet asserted. For those, their score%
    is modified by an accuracy value, (accuracy = 1 - 1.0 /
    (fights * 0.5 + 1), where fights = wins + losses).

    For instance, a player who has not fought any battle will
    have a score of 50%. Then, after his first win his score
    won't be 100%, but 67%. Then after his second win his score
    will be 75%... However, once he reaches his ninth battle,
    his score is assumed to be reliable enough (accuracy = 1).


  • David Trowbridge

    • status: open --> open-rejected
  • Jeff Myers

    Jeff Myers - 2011-07-31
    • status: open-rejected --> closed-rejected

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