Fog of War, Grim Reaper, Asimov, Swiss Army

  • opticdelusion

    opticdelusion - 2004-09-21

    SmokeScreen (SS)   seems so obvious, didn't see it on the wiki page, probably rejected long ago. Fast and non-lethal, like thief, while laying smoke. It would slowly disperse or lift. Maybe three, three second bursts before it runs out. Oil slick, puddle...

    Fog of War (FW)   window and radar fade back and forth so you've got one or the other. name's better than red-eye.

    Asimov (AS)  Bot appears and hunts you down. Only you can see it, kill it. Can't get new flag until it's dead.

    Grim Reaper (GR) list comes up and pick a trotskyist. A bot appears and hunts them down. Or Just Kill Me.

    Swiss Army Knife (SK) Each shot a different weapon

    Swiss Army  (SA) Non-lethal tanks. Don't show on radar.   

    Sucker- If you can suck someone into shooting you, steals their weapon. Sort of Anti-Theif. Your tank would need to be marked somehow.

    New Years Eve (NY)    Giant Flashing Ball drops from sky, All players not carrying flags get some flag. Maybe everybody gets machine gun or shockwave. Players carrying flags could decide to drop them before the ball hit.  Maybe no flags at all, just new years. The first time I had shockwave I wondered what it would be like if everybody had shockwave. Everybody with machine gun would sound like new years. At first i thought it shoud be named fourth of July, but that wouldn't work worlwide. Ambrosia software calls this a yummy shower...

    If that doesn't work this is similar...
    Gumball Machine (??) All flags dispensed at central point.  Flags colored. Lots of possibilities with this one.

    Birthday (BD) pick a flag

    Jail- shooting a tank sends them to jail

    Duel- pick a player, both enter phantom zone, cant get out, maybe call it marriage                                                                                                                                                                                         

    My map ideas...

    Goofy Golf-  small maps with walls and obstacles designed for practice or one-on-one play. one flag at a time.

    Pool Table- no weapons at all, or just repulsion guns.  bounce players into holes.

    Defender- one player with superweapon (Swiss Army Knife) saves ten flags. Lose all Ten, Player with most kills takes over. MAKE the flags PEOPLE. If you know the original BattleZone you know Defender. Stargate is still the greatest game of all time.

    • opticdelusion

      opticdelusion - 2004-09-21

      This is my first post ever to SourceForge. I  appreciate  the fact that I may have missed something. I think these are mostly good ideas....

      Where's the How-To on improving lag-time? Macintosh.

      Defender would make a great map. You'd probably lose six right away, but the fight for the last one could be awesome. Rabbit chase on steroids.

      ...Always thought it should be harder to obtain a flag. Gumball Machine would have a spot that says "insert coin" Then you pop out somewhere else with new powers. Would be a fight to get the flag, then a fight to get to safety afterwards. Only one or two gumballs active at once. A way to take BZFlag back to it's arcade roots.

    • opticdelusion

      opticdelusion - 2004-09-21

      I see I should have posted this in "feature requests", not the developer forum

    • opticdelusion

      opticdelusion - 2004-09-22

      This thread has been edited with great clarification of defender map description, and placed in the "feature request" section.
      I felt the developer section was the wrong place to put it, so this thread should be deleted.

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2004-09-22

        It's generally just better to stop posting to the thread and letting time take it's course.. :)


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