Gunslinger19 - 2006-07-22

visible.  Specifically, I frequent the Babel room and on top of some of the square structures are thin walls.  These provide protection and can be a place of confrontation with another on the other side of this thin wall.  However, this wall is invisible, on my radar at least, and of course it's set to the best resolution; but it IS visible if one is NOT on the same elevation as the wall, such as from the ground or in air.  Making the wall more visible would allow for better maneuvering around it and better overall play, especially by avoiding silly mistakes like assuming one can move backwards, but lo, the wall!!! BOOM! Dead :-( 

I hope this makes sense.  I'll try to clarify if needed.

Thanks in advance.  Btw, this is my first posting here, so if it's out of place please let me know and hopefully where I should post it.