new type of cheat?

  • Anonymous - 2003-05-13

    when i was trying to kill this player he/she jumped up into the air and disappeared (off radar too) then reappear in a new location with the same flag.

    how can a player have stealth/cloak and a third flag?

    • Dave Brosius

      Dave Brosius - 2003-05-20

      He doesn't have stealth or cloak, he has just modified his client code to be able to reposition at will.

      It would be unlikely that a true stealth/cloak cheat would appear as it is your client that determines what to draw, and since your program only thinks that someone can have one flag at a time, it wouldn't happen.

    • Anonymous - 2003-06-02

      many people complain about the cheating, this is only because of the open source. The benifits, more people can help and give ideas. The downfalls, ur looking at it. I love the karma idea on the wikki pages. It would help, however you should be able to make so that new people could join, if only in observer. At a certain point, if the karma drops too... like say -100. than maybe all servers ban that ip or ips for a set amount of time, the time gets incrementally larger each time the karma drops. There should be a way to increase karma manually, like posting helpful posts here maybe... very complicated. But say someone was being *bad and had a change of heart, there should be some way to *forgive that person. maybe a special color in score table and if people forgive him/her they may type /forgive "playername"... oh well, just ideas

    • Eric Kimminau

      Eric Kimminau - 2003-10-27

      I say if an ID gets to -100 karma they should be permanently banned. If a player has a change of heart, they should create a new ID.


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