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  • Jack Minardi

    Jack Minardi - 2004-01-03

    i am pretty new to this game and was wondering how to make a new server. i see the "start server" button but this seems to give you hardly enough options. i was also wondering how to make a map. i am not very computer savvy so could someone like me even hope to make a server?

    • Dave Brosius

      Dave Brosius - 2004-01-03

      To run your own server, you will run the bzfs executable. This is separate from the main bzflag program you are currently running. bzfs has many many options that you can see through

      bzfs -help

      You can also use the bzfs_conf.html file that should be in the distribution to help you set up the options and build a configuration file that can be passed as

      bzfs -conf myconffile

      As for creating worlds, there are two routes, first there are editors available, look for bzedit in google. Or you can create them by hand. The world file is just a simple text file. To see the format of a world, just connect to your favorite server, and bring up the options menu, by hitting escape, and navigate to the Save World option. Save the world to somewhere on your disk, and then edit it with any text editor. A description of the world file format can be found by doing

      man bzfs      on unix
      bzfs.html     on win32

    • Jason Roysdon

      Jason Roysdon - 2004-01-06

      You're also welcome to see the options that is running:

      Look at the very bottom of the page for the settings we're currently running.


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